Century of the Common Man

Darrell Castle talks about what Vice President Henry Wallace described in a 1942 speech as the Century of the Common Man. What is the status of the “common man” today?

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Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday June 19, 2020 and on this Report I will be talking about what former vice president Henry Wallace described as the century of the common man. What condition is the common man in today since this is supposed to be his century? For the Castle Family week four out of quarantine passed uneventfully although the powers that be tell us we are now part of the masked ones whether we want to be or not. The family daughter remains marooned but safe and unmasked, virus free but in a distant land.

On May 8, 1942 in the Grand Ballroom of the Commodore Hotel in New York City Vice President Henry Wallace gave a speech to a packed house. It was packed with a diverse group from 33 different nations including all the nations of Latin America. It was the Vice President after all, and the nation was in the early stages of a World War. Mr. Wallace titled his speech “The Century of the Common Man.” He reviewed the great revolutions that had engulfed the world over the centuries in which he asserted the common man had tried to uplift himself through bloodshed. He emphasized that the next century would be different, since the coming change would be for the benefit of the common man and the government would bring it peacefully.

He said that he and President Roosevelt were proposing to make the following 100 years the century of the common man buttressed by the four freedoms emphasized by the President in his recent speech to congress. These four freedoms, President Roosevelt told the world, were the four freedoms that Americans held to be so dear they would be willing to die for them or go abroad and kill to protect them.

The four freedoms were freedom of speech, freedom of religion or worship as the President worded it, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. We will address the state of the four in a moment but first, the vice president’s speech became an international sensation. Mr. Wallace was an avowed socialist or communist depending on who you talked to, and that was 78 years before Bernie Sanders made it fashionable to be a socialist.

Composer Aaron Copeland who was the son of Jewish Lithuanian immigrants was so taken by the speech that he wrote a composition in honor of it which he called “Fanfare for the Common Man.” The piece became a part of Americana and is still played today. I’m sure you’ve heard it sometime in your lifetime. The vice president was honored by fellow socialists around the world for his idea of bloodless revolution although at the time the world was awash in blood.

Mr. Wallace proposed that the government should relive the burden of individual responsibility that the common man had shouldered since the advent of America. The burden would henceforth be socialized across all strata of society. Incidentally, what is a common man. What does it mean to be called common? In the traditional European definition, it meant anyone not a member of an inherited royal status or anyone not deemed royal by a member of the royal family. Here in America where we are supposed to reject such titles, it could mean anyone not of any esteemed social status. Such things in America are usually determined by money instead of birth.

At the time Mr. Wallace spoke, common men and women were dying by the millions across the world. Dying in battle, dying as collateral damage, and dying in the German Camps. When the war ended, the 15 years of the post war boom really could truthfully be said to be the golden age of the common man. Except for a few years fighting on the Korean peninsula, the common man’s plight was uplifted by the world war and its aftermath. The industrial machinery of the war was converted quickly to civilian consumer goods and that provided good middle-class jobs for the 12 million returning men. The former soldiers all needed houses, cars and all the other products that had to be manufactured.

There were enough good jobs in manufacturing to go around and each family could live on one income so there was one spouse available to nurture the children. They had a car and could take a family vacation once a year and when the breadwinner retired there would be a pension waiting. That status existed through at least parts of the Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations but then the Federal Reserve and the elites whose cause it serves, started to assert itself.

The Vietnam War put the final nail in the coffin of the century of the common man. President Nixon found that it was impossible to pay for both an expensive war and the great society programs left over from President Johnson. His solution was to cut the dollar’s historic tie to gold and set the dollar free with no limits on what could be printed and borrowed from the Federal Reserve via the central banks of the world.

This was all happening at the same time that American manufacturing was being transferred to various offshore low wage countries to serve the interests of the international elite but not the wellbeing of the common man. Gone were the well-paying middle-class jobs and the only thing left for the common man was the low paying service jobs, and jobs that as President Bush told us, Americans would not do. The American common man suddenly had to compete not only with low paid workers around the world but with low paid immigrants who were imported in massive numbers.

He was told that he should be happy about all this change. It was all in his best interest and furthermore the jobs that were taken from him and shipped to the third world would be replaced by modern high-tech jobs involving robotics etc. When he went to school to learn some of those high-tech jobs that perhaps would get him to Silicon Valley, he learned that most of them went to Asian Americans or just plain Asians.

The common man was told that he had to not only accept this bum deal, but he had to like it. NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, GATT and the like were good for him because he would be able to go to Walmart and buy stuff from China real cheap. What a good deal except that he couldn’t even afford to buy the cheap junk because half the time he worked a temporary job, or he was on unemployment, and always on food stamps. He could appear rich, he was told, if he could just acquire more debt.

His self esteem languished in the gutter as he could not get proper education for his kids. Most of the degrees available were virtually worthless and all involved a lifetime of debt for his children and himself.  In fact, he could not make ends meet at all because his wages remained flat for 40 years or so while inflation ate away his lifestyle. Families that were fortunate enough to remain intact were forced to both work while the government took on the child raising responsibilities. One spouse worked to pay the taxes and one worked to pay the bills.  They had to borrow to survive until they couldn’t meet the debt service anymore because income and expense never balanced.

Good news for the government though, as computers relieved them of the burden of printing. Now they only had to hit a key stroke and the money appeared as if by magic. The government set the example for the common man to follow. Borrow whatever you need and pay back nothing until it all collapses and then you take the fall, not the banks or Wall Street firms, you Mr. Common Man.

Let’s look now, after that dismal picture, at those hallowed freedoms that President Roosevelt talked about. Surely that picture of freedom will lift the spirits of our bedraggled common man. Freedom of speech was the first one and guaranteed in the first amendment to the US Constitution. That one is easy to cover because it doesn’t exist anymore, at least not under the concept of freedom as we used to know it.

The only speech that is allowed now is speech that not only agrees with but exalts the prevailing political narrative. Our common man has no option but to lie to those who demand his view of things. He has no political opinion except those opinions assigned to him by a media whose goal is to establish his opinion and make him believe it is his idea.

No college professor can dispute that narrative, no doctor, no scientist, no lawyer, and certainly no common man. To dispute the prevailing narrative would be to lose one’s job, one’s profession, one’s social standing and to be ostracized from polite society. If anyone had the audacity to actually speak his mind he would be forced into a humiliating, groveling, disgusting, apology which de does not mean and which does not work. His head would still be symbolically paraded around the world on a pike as an example of the penalty for non-compliance. In response, the common man, being also a practical man, keeps his mouth firmly shut, lest anyone find out that he has a contrary opinion.

In his mind grows a burning anger at all this. He thinks that he has no voice and is unable to affect this deteriorating condition. However, this is America so he can still vote and obtain change that way and, that would send them a message that he is not going to take it anymore. No, our common man learns that no matter who he votes for, it just gets worse.

What about religion, surely, he can still worship as he pleases. No, the churches are closed now and possibly will be opened partially over a time frame to be determined by his betters. He also learns that his religion is out of favor right now. He hears a lot about the term Islamophobia, but he sees no sanction for those criticizing his religion so, the common man keeps his mouth shut, and hopes no one notices that he might have an opinion.

The other freedoms listed by Mr. Wallace are not protected by the Constitution, but they are fine socialist talking points for sure.  Freedom from want is a hard one isn’t it? I mean, the government is supposed to somehow prevent each person from want. No one who wants for anything. No, let’s just restrict it to no one wants for the necessities of life such as food, clean water, housing, education, etc. He thinks its not for the best, but he waits like a baby bird for the government to feed him anyway.

Freedom from fear is the last one, and the common man says, don’t make me laugh. The last few months have been about nothing but fear. The government and its elite masters want us in a constant state of fear so that we are much easier to control. The common man is told to be afraid all the time to avoid risks, to take no chances, the government will solve all problems for him.

He looks around and he sees all kinds of lies, hypocrisy, and destruction of everything he holds dear. Everything that he was raised to believe in is bad, and everything bad is now good. He is not allowed to attend church, but protesters fill the streets. Terrorist occupy the center of a once great city and no one does a thing about it. Pallets of bricks appear as if by magic on hand carts for the looters to use. A Nazi collaborator pays people to riot, loot, burn, and call other people vicious names in the public press. His country, the one that his grandfather stormed Omaha Beach to save, is not his anymore. He is told constantly by virtually all media that the problems are all his fault and he wonders how that could be and why so many blame him. He only wants to live a quiet and peaceful life. Welcome to your century Mr. Common Man.

The common man is not stupid, however, and he knows the plan is something like this:1. Instill fear 2.  Lock people inside their houses 3. Drive 10’s of millions out of work 4. Remove all pressure release valves, sports, concerts, theater, bars restaurants and the like 5. Close churches 6. Dehumanize people by forcing the healthy to wear masks 7. Wait for the explosion.

Finally, folks, what is the common man supposed to think about all this? He isn’t.

At least that’s the way I see it,

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle,

Thanks for listening.


Darrell Castle – 2016 Constitution Party Nominee for President of the United States


A Country Unwilling to Defend Itself

Defending Western Civilization

12 June 2020


Darrell Castle talks about the mass insanity that grips our nation and how we as the American people seem unwilling to defend ourselves from it.


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Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday June 12, 2020 and on this Report I will be talking about the madness, the insanity, in which America, and perhaps all of what was once Western Civilization, finds itself. For the Castle Family this is the third week back in the office from quarantine and so far, so good. The family daughter​​ remains marooned on her small island many thousands of miles from us, but at least safe. Perhaps in July she will be released from confinement.

 I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of mass insanity and how we, as a nation, seem to be in the grips of​​ it. To refresh my memory about how it all works I decided to consult one of my favorite books and authors and that is Charles Mackey’s “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”.

Written in 1841 but still very relevant today Mr. Mackey explores the concept of mass or crowd insanity and how it is quite different from individual madness. The backdrop for the book was the tulip mania that gripped Europe in Mr. Mackey’s day. People trading in the future price of tulip bulbs drove the price to​​ an unimaginable high in that day. It made no sense except when looked at from the standpoint of crowd or mob action.

“When a man enters a crowd, he exits civilization.” That is obviously just as true today as it was in 1841 and as evidence, I argue that a​​ man in a riot or even in a mass protest is a man in a crowd. His reason departs and he is driven by the hormones, the emotions of the crowd rather than his own. Men go mad in herds while they must recover their senses one by one. Friedrich Nietzsche in the​​ same era as Mackey said that madness is a rarity in individuals but the rule in crowds.

In a crowd a man is not a man but simply a face thus the expression just a face in the crowd. He is a cog in a lunatic machine. He cannot think rationally so the crowd​​ thinks for him. Crowds need something to unite them so they will always have their devils. The devil could be policemen, whites, blacks, Muslims, Christians, progressives, conservatives etc. Whatever it is, each crowd will have its devil. It will always be a devil which inspires the crowd.

I can cite no better example of crowd madness than what has happened since the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police a few days ago. Mr. Floyd’s death appeared to me to be a virtual assassination. Three police officers hold a man down while another puts a knee on his neck for eight minutes while being filmed doing it. It appeared to be an act of cold-blooded murder, which in a death penalty state should have sent the officer to death row.

The question then is,​​ was Mr. Floyd’s murder an indictment of America as a sick, racist society as alleged by some. I argue that it does not and furthermore, other than Mr. Floyd’s race there is not much to indicate the attack was racially motivated. I understand the argument that if he had not been black the officer would not have put his knee on his neck, but the argument​​ may or may not be valid. Can we rationally discuss whether it’s a valid argument or not, probably not, but I will make a few points now?

The submission technique that ultimately killed Mr. Floyd is one taught to US police forces by the Israeli military. Consult You Tube and you can find videos of Israeli instructors teaching the technique. They use it to subdue Palestinians in Gaza and other places they are deployed every day. One officer is to hold the subject’s legs while the other kneels on his neck to get control of him. Does that mean Mr. Floyd’s murder was not racially motivated? No, it doesn’t, and I admit that I have no way of knowing, but there is evidence that the technique is and has been widely used against people of all races.

The training of police in tactics, and their attitude about who they are, as well as their uniforms and weapons, have undergone a radical shift in recent years. The original shift happened when our society abandoned common law in favor of only statutory law. Under the common law, police officers were commonly referred to as peace officers. Even in the old west, the sheriff was a peace officer and his job was to keep the peace by resolving differences in a peaceful manner.

In our present day, officers don’t even remember what a peace officer was because they would not recognize that term. Instead they are law enforcement officers because their job is to enforce the law even if the law is stupid and doesn’t make sense. For example, Mr. Floyd’s offense was trying to pass a counterfeit 20-dollar bill in a local store. There was no indication that he made the bill or that he even knew it was counterfeit. There is so much bad cash now​​ that anyone can end up with some purely by accident, and that is not a crime of intent, certainly not one worthy of death.

So, a peace officer talks to Mr. Floyd, asks him where he got the bad cash and tells him to make good on his purchase if he had not done so and then sends him on his way without incident. A law enforcement officer pulls him out of the car and kills him with an Israeli submission tactic. One other issue with police recruitment and training involves where the officers are recruited.

I am​​ not certain of these numbers anymore but a couple of years ago when there was an officer involved shooting in Dallas, I looked at them and found them very revealing. More than 50% of the police officers in Dallas were not only military veterans but veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m sure you will believe me when I say that the rules of engagement for soldiers in combat are far different from the way police officers should think. Their military objective is killing the enemy and they confront death of friends and fellow soldiers each day.

Sometimes its hard to get things out of your head once they are in there. Couple the military mindset with what has come to be called militarization of the police and you might just create a volatile situation. Weapons designed to be used by military combat units started coming​​ back to US police forces under the second Bush administration and continued to some extent under Obama although he apparently tried to stop it when he saw what was happening.

So, you have military weapons, uniforms, and tactics so no wonder the officers think of themselves as soldiers going to war each day when they go out. They must face the worst, most heartless, relentless criminals each day and that wears on people sooner or later.

What I am saying is that a call to review and change police training and tactics makes more sense than abolish or defund the police. Calling for abolition of the police in a city such as Minneapolis is evidence that our cities are run by spineless lunatics. Let me use the example of Minneapolis to illustrate my point. The city commission voted by a veto proof majority to abolish their police force.

Lisa Bender, President of the City Council when asked on CNN what would happen if your house were broken into said, “maybe it’s about time for privileged people to get a taste of what the marginalized feel like. “She went on to say that she looks forward to a police free future. Well I know she deserves to get what she looks forward to good and hard. Perhaps Ms. Bender will get​​ a taste of what a lawless, violent city is like without people willing to risk their lives to protect it. I almost hope she does, but I can’t wish that on the people of Minnesota. We’ve already seen it anyway in Baltimore and especially in Chicago. 

Just​​ before Mr. Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis, on the night of May 31st, in Chicago 17 black people were killed by other black people. In the month of May 67 black people were killed by other black people. Baltimore has comparable numbers scaled to its population. The police have been restrained in those cities, so they are violently out of control. 

Yes, law enforcement is under attack. An injustice in Minneapolis means there is injustice everywhere. Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot perhaps takes the cake​​ among city mayors. Completely paralyzed by the riots, she was unable to do anything but watch her city burn. Business owners called her begging for protection of their businesses. Her response was to say “people are just F**ing lawless right now.

Target stores as well as Walmart stores were looted and burned, and the mayor expected them to just rebuild and continue. When they said no, we are leaving, and we won’t be back she was reduced to begging them. She could not however dispatch police or National Guard units to quell the riots.

I do agree that the riots, not the non-violent protests, indicate a fundamental problem in our society. The rioters and looters supposedly were feeling so much pain and despair from violence suffered by Mr. Floyd, that they had​​ to use violence against the innocent as a remedy. They had no regard for the innocent and certainly none for the free society they are bent on destroying.

The response from those in authority to the riots was a groveling, crawling, begging apology for the​​ looters to forgive them. Democrat members of Congress actually wore Kente’s which are African scarves from Ghana as they kneeled before the looters an act so disgusting even the looters could see through it. Congress and especially those who run our Democrat cities line up to demonstrate their support of the woke values of the looters. The fact is the looters are more often than not, just in it for the free stuff. They have no woke values except criminality.

Western Civilization is collapsing around us and​​ that much is obvious. What was the purpose of setting fire to St. John’s church? To kill or displace God perhaps. Nothing civilized was spared, not churches, synagogues, the World War ll memorial, and the Lincoln memorial. They all had to be damaged and defaced to pay homage to Mr. Floyd. The aggrieved ones had to express their discontent by adding fuel to the fires of insanity sweeping the country.

In response, the system was shown to be helpless before our new woke culture. There is nothing worth protecting here folks just keep moving and don’t look. Abolish the police is a woke phrase so insane they have to adopt some other name for it such as defund. Groveling, knee bending, Netflix does its grand part to support and pay homage to Mr. Floyd by canceling​​ Gone with the Wind, the first movie in which a black woman won an academy award. So, we don’t want to stop by abolishing the police, we seek to abolish history as well. That means no future for us either folks, none whatsoever.

Finally, folks, Western Civilization is collapsing. Emotion always seems to shut down facts which no longer matter. Police kill and brutalize far more whites than blacks each year therefore Mr. Floyd’s death is an incident which should concern and galvanize all of us to make us support change in training and tactics. Instead, every element of society has been trained from an early age by identity politics to hate and distrust the others. I feel as if I woke up in an alien universe and realized that I have failed in my lifelong battle​​ to transmit the blessings of liberty to my posterity. Suddenly, neither liberty nor civilization are assured for our posterity.

At least that’s the way I see it,

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle,

Thanks for listening.



A Journal of the Plague Year – Free Speech and Dr. Judy Mikovits

…from The Castle Report – (podcast link found below)


Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday May 8, 2020, the 75th anniversary of VE or Victory in Europe Day.  VE Day is a national holiday in Great Britain as the British people pause for one day to celebrate the defeat of Nazi Germany. Today’s Report, however, will discuss the virus, the invisible enemy against which the whole world makes war, not the visible enemy of WW ll. For the Castle family, this is day 49 or seven weeks of quarantine. Forty-nine days without any other human contact. The family daughter remains safe on a small island at the bottom of the world with no flights in or out of the island for who knows how long.

Last week’s Castle Report provoked one of my faithful listeners to accuse me of hypocrisy in the comment section so I might as well address his inquiry right now. His comment was partially in jest but also serious, He pointed out that I favor reopening the economy for others, but I remain in quarantine. What kind of ex-Marine, Constitution Party member is that he wonders? You tell us to do one thing but do another yourself.

I recognize a certain degree of hypocrisy in my position, but as I pointed out to the gentleman both my wife and I are over 65 and we have a law firm with many employees for whom we feel a certain responsibility. We therefore transferred the employees to work from home status until it is acceptable to reopen according to our local governing authority. In addition, my daughter encourages me each night by video to stay in and stay safe. Finally, I suppose it’s like the Arab proverb, I trust God, but I still tether my camel each night.

For emphasis I will quote a gentleman from the news site, The Rundown, “I favor opening, but since I have several risk factors in addition to advanced age, I will endeavor to be careful because I don’t think that I would survive if I’m infected with COVID-19. That said, I want my country and my community to survive. We should all be careful, but we should open and not kill the country.” That is not my situation, but it makes my point.

Another subscriber to the same site, “I am obeying the stay-at-home order, and I only go our for medication and food, so I’m doing as told. And if I am correct, the airlines plan to get federal money for their problems, but I have no idea where my stimulus check is. Personally, I am not going to rebound from this situation easily, and I’m probably not the only one.”

No, my friend you are indeed in good company. The economic cost of the lockdown will be devastating for many and perhaps permanent both economically and medically.

U.S. private payrolls dropped 20.2 million in April, the most extreme drop since the great depression. I have little doubt that many companies and industries will be permanently destroyed or at least permanently affected. Last Tuesday Hertz Corporation announced that it has hired a company to help it plan for a chapter 11 filing. That is the proper tactic for a company that depends on travel and there is no travel for months and perhaps a year. What is it to do with billions of debt and no revenue, except seek protection in chapter 11? How many cars does Herts operate each day? How many cars does it buy each year? What happens to the car and truck industry if all that activity suddenly stops permanently? Many industries already in trouble are being pushed over the edge by the lockdown. Retail has been, and is being devastated, perhaps permanently. Retail giant J Crew just announced its liquidation bankruptcy filing and high-end Neiman Marcus has just filed for chapter 11 protection and reorganization. According to the trade publications that I read each day; many companies are avoiding chapter 11 because they do not have the financial ability to reorganize. If they were to seek chapter 11 protection they could not escape and would end in chapter 7 liquidation, so they struggle on.

How is the federal government going to bail out the retail industry? The answer is that it can’t because people may never go back to the malls to spend on credit and accumulate unpayable debt. This whole consumption based, credit backed, house of cards upon which this society rests could be about to crumble. There are many other industries whose troubles are in danger of going permanent. Look at the airlines and the entire travel industry. Overseas travel is now practically nonexistent. That means reduced demand for pilots and crew members, reduced airport staff, rental cars and their staffs, merchandise and food sales at airports all over the world.

If the information provided recently by several doctors turns out to be true, then all this economic devastation not to mention the enormous human cost will have been unnecessary. That would be a charitable word to describe what could be described as an accusation of manslaughter for profit. I’ve been following the work of Doctor Dan Erickson, an emergency medicine doctor and researcher from California, as well as Dr. Judy Mikovits, a scientist formerly with the National Cancer Institute. I strongly advise everyone to investigate their work if Google/You Tube will allow it.

Dr. Erickson owns a few ER Urgent Care Clinics in California especially in the county where Bakersfield is located. When asked by local media for his results he invited them to a press conference which was recorded and put out on you tube. He gave statistics and results from his roughly 6000 COVID-19 tests as well as his conclusions. You tube quickly took down his video because you tube only allows the official narrative to be seen but 12 million around the world saw it before they could take it down.

What is wrong with allowing Dr. Erickson to express his opinion about whether the lockdown was a mistake or not. I saw his original video and then I saw an interview done by Sebastian Gorka for his podcast. That interview was also taken down within 24 hours, but Mr. Gorka says he will keep trying to get the information out. During the interview Dr, Erickson compared the mortality numbers for Sweden, a country without lockdown, and Great Britain, a country completely locked down. Sweden has a death rate of 245 per one million population and Great Britain has a death rate of 360 per one million population.

He also mentioned that many doctors from around the country have told him that they have been pressured to list COVID-19 as a cause of death. Why would the system, the hospital, pressure a doctor to list a cause of death other than what he thinks it is or when he doesn’t know what it is?  For one thing they are paid by the federal government $13 thousand for a hospitalized COVID-19 patient, and $37 thousand for one on a ventilator, even if ventilated patients fail to survive 88% of the time.

Why should we, the American people, be denied the privilege of hearing the evidence and research conclusions of these doctors? Many reasons, I suppose, but one of the main reasons is that we do not have reporters anymore, not many anyway. Instead of reporters we have commentators. Instead of researching and reporting on the truth as they are able to discover it, they simply spout out the accepted and official narrative. They are, by their own admission and by their voting patterns, always biased so, they no longer investigate and report the news. We get the propaganda of their agenda since their agenda has driven them since at least journalism school. Unless they adhere to that agenda faithfully, they will not be hired, and they will not stay hired.

There seems to be a concerted effort among the tech giants such as Google/You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter to suppress any search for the truth. Resisting any information except the official narrative as it reflects their own political agenda almost makes them an arm of the government. Since they are not government agencies, but private corporations they are free to suppress any search for the truth even though they control at least 90% of available search information.

Dr. Judy Mikovits whom I mentioned last week as well as her book, “Plague of Corruption” is a whole different subject from Dr. Erickson Dr. Mikovits is not an MD but is instead a scientist having spent at least 20 years with the National Cancer Institute. In the forward to her book, Robert Kennedy Jr. referred to her as one of the most accomplished scientists of this generation. Instead of being rewarded for her relentless pursuit of the truth she has been fired by the National Cancer Institute, persecuted, arrested and jailed without a warrant or even charges, driven into bankruptcy, and she has been deprived of her life’s work. She was eventually accused of stealing intellectual property from the Institute. I don’t know for sure, but I assume that was the paper she wrote concerning her AIDS research.

Her complaints and accusations should be investigated not silenced. Why do the controllers of all information fear this woman so much? Why will they not allow her to publicly speak her mind so that her accusations can be investigated. The accusations she makes concern the future of all humanity, so it is rather important that she at least be heard.  She has accused Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, the two Drs. You see each day in the president’s news conferences, of being involved in decades of corruption which has resulted in the deaths of millions of people and will continue to do so unless it is stopped.

The essence of what she alleges is that she isolated and discovered the A.I.D.s virus in about 1981 but Dr. Fauci would not let her publish her findings and intentionally delayed release of the information until 1984 so that he could obtain the patent on the treatment. Millions of people across Africa died needlessly in those 2 or 3 years. Her accusation is essentially that Dr. Fauci committed manslaughter on a mass, worldwide scale for money and he is continuing the same conduct with COVID-19. Rather than bring a lawsuit against her for defamation so the truth could be found, the tactic seems to be to resist her ability to speak publicly. When Google/You Tube takes down her videos, the message just says this video violates community standards.

If someone, especially someone of prominence, accused you of what amounts to allowing millions of people to die so that you could profit, wouldn’t you at least try to do something about it. If you can still find it watch Dr. Mikovits video and judge what she says for yourself. The problem seems to be that the law now allows government researchers, working with taxpayer money, to patent their discoveries so that hundreds of millions are available if their prescribed treatments are accepted and others are suppressed. The same thing is happening with COVID-19 as all treatments are suppressed until a patented vaccine is available.

The accusations Dr. Mikovits makes are against a man who has directed the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for 36 years and through five presidential administrations. What he is tasked with doing, and the responsibility he has been given affects all of humanity and therefore Dr. Mikovits should be heard, and her accusations investigated. Isn’t there at least a serious conflict of interest when a person will make hundreds of millions of dollars from a vaccine or treatment and by a strange coincidence that is the only effective one.

Finally, Folks, the system says that her accusations are not true and that she is “discredited.” That is an easy term to use when you control virtually all information. I don’t know if what Dr. Mikovits says is true or not. I am not scientifically or medically trained, but I find her videos and especially her book believable, and if correct it would explain why humanity is suddenly so sick, and it would mean that all that we are going through is unnecessary. Free speech is so important that without it we are not and cannot be free people, so, I submit that we should at least hear her.

At least that’s the way I see it,

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle,

Thanks for listening

When Will Patriots Retake Our Cities?

Friend —

I’m a Notary Public. I meet all kinds of people, every day, from all over the country. I like meeting them because I like to hear people’s stories. Today, I met a very interesting woman. She’s originally from Texas but had been living in California for an extended period of time before retiring in Utah. We had a very interesting conversation in which she lamented the influx of California leftists into the Salt Lake Valley. She talked about California once being a great place. I knew this, myself, as I lived in San Jose when I was young. She talked about how insane that state has gone. Especially its big cities.

This conversation took me back to news items I have been following over the past few months. The explosion in homelessness. The drug epidemic. The trash. The feces on the street. And now, the rats.

Rats have always been an issue in the cities. But with the explosion in homelessness and the breakdown of fundamental city services like the vagrants being arrested, jailed, or run out of town, the generally lax attitude towards public use of hard drugs, and the dysfunctional sanitation services in these leftist strongholds, the rats have moved in, and are absolutely taking over.

Citizens of these places ranging from small business owners to court officials and even city council members have reported being unable to go in and out of their places of employment safely due to violent, deranged homeless vagrants and rats. City council members are starting to be hospitalized with cases of Typhus. There are even reports that up to 1.5% of the rat population carries the Bubonic Plague. That’s the Black Plague, for those of you who don’t know. THE BLACK PLAGUE! How is that possible? How awful is the administration of these places when medieval diseases and diseases typically only found in the worst slums of the third world are spreading through OUR cities?

California is in crisis. Is there any question about that? Is there any doubt? I don’t think so. And it’s not only California. Every one of our major cities is in crisis. Almost all of our big cities have had a democrat majority in power for an extended period of time. And almost each and everyone one of them is in an utter state of collapse. Every. Single. One. Name one city, if you can, that is run by leftists or RINOs (Republican In Name Only) that is not in a state of total ruin. And the worst part is that many of these places have either democrat majorities or even SUPERMAJORITIES. And yet, they still can’t figure out how to solve these problems. Even with the ability to rubber-stamp any proposal they want to try to solve the problems.

What’s worse? These places are exporting their abhorrent ideologies to smaller mid-sized cities now. The people that voted these catastrophes into office are moving away to escape them, and they are bringing their politics and culture with them.

As bleak as all of this sounds, it’s actually not a negative.

At least not for us. Not for our kind. The patriotic stock that is, in fact, the silent majority of this country. How could I even dare to say that the absolute downfall of our cities is not a bad thing? I say this because it proves two things.

Number 1: The exodus of these people from these places demonstrates without a doubt the total failure of the leftists that run them. And number 2: The fact that people don’t believe the Republicans are any better, and so don’t vote them in despite the failure of the democrats. People all across the country, and from all political stripes, are waking up to the fact that both of our major political parties are shot through with corruption. Conservative Americans may still vote by and large for Republicans, but that’s because the majority of Americans doing so are simply voting along party lines. They don’t want to vote for third party candidates because they are convinced that third parties don’t have a chance at winning. But this gives us an opportunity.

By spreading the message of Liberty, Integrity, and Prosperity, we can convince these people to abandon the parties that long ago abandoned them. It is not inevitable that these gross facsimiles of the parties we grew up with retain power. It only requires us to act for them to fall from their ivory towers.

We need to take back our cities.

I’ve said numerous times before that we are either in, or rapidly approaching the onset of civil war. And this is still true. Even since my last communication, the number of people who believe this to be the case has grown. As the radical left continues on their path to pure insanity, and as the Republicans continue to be completely ineffective at stopping them, the hairline fractures that have always existed in our “diverse” country are being pried wide open.

But this is not a message of despair. It’s a message of hope. It’s an acknowledgment that our political process is swiftly breaking down. But it’s also an acknowledgment that this breakdown of our civil, political, and societal institutions gives us an opening. The iron-grip on power that both political parties enjoyed for so long is now rusted, scaly, and cracking. It wouldn’t take much for us to collectively pry their iron-fist from its grip on power and open it up for We The People to put that power back into the hands of every citizen of this country equally, as it was intended to be.

We have to start with places like California.

I’ve heard people joke about letting California simply drift off and secede from the Union. What kind of patriot would seriously suggest giving up territory that belongs to US to illegal invaders, mentally ill socialists, and armies of drug-addled zombies? Why would ANY patriot admit defeat like that, before even putting up a fight? We have to raise up candidates from the grassroots of our nation, fund their campaigns, put them in the halls of power, and wield the constitution like the weapon of The People that it was meant to be to deport the invaders, clean up the politics, assert the dominance of our language and culture, and rebuild our great population centers. We have the opportunity to head off national catastrophe by being the example that lights the way back to a constitutional way of life.

We have a once in a century opportunity to wrest power away from the corrupt elites, return the Constitution to its place of primacy, and restore the vision that the Founders had for us.

We have but to shake off the seductive tendency towards the bystander effect and put our collective feet down. There are more of us than you think. We have been cowed into silence by decades of social engineering schemes concocted by the left. Our so-called “conservative” leaders have utterly failed to conserve anything about our society. But we, the silent majority, are vast in number, and as we wake up and raise our eyes to the disaster that our nation has become, we are growing a resolve deep in our hearts to retake our nation and tear the tyrants down from their gilded ivory towers.

It starts now. And it starts by raising the funds, raising the candidates, and spreading the message.

Do your part to ensure victory by continuing your generous donations to fund our operations. Go above and beyond by submitting your name as a candidate for office in your local area.

Let’s show the corrupt elite that, despite what they may think, they DO NOT own us, and they DO NOT control us. THEY rule at OUR pleasure. And we ARE NOT pleased. Let them know that we WILL NOT idly stand by as their infection creeps from city to city.

Their ideologies are the cancer. We are the cure. Now let’s go cure the disease growing in our cities.

Digital Paul Revere

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The Hidden Threat


Donations are rolling in, faster and stronger with each conversation we have. And we of the Constitution Party could not be more grateful. Your gifts make it possible for us to not only continue to fight for Liberty, Integrity, and Prosperity but to expand our operations and march onward towards the restoration of our republic.

Every day patriots around the country continue to raise their faces and behold, with newly opened eyes, the crisis all around us. They cry righteous tears at the horror and devastation they witness daily.

We are seeking patriots to join us; growing our ranks, to be the strength in our arm, the knowledge in our mind, and the wisdom in our heart. For the continued restoration of our republic and the safety and well-being of our children and our children’s children, we, of noble soul and patriotic mind, MUST step forward from among the crowd. From many, we MUST become one. However, we MUST NOT fall victim to the hidden threat. We mustn’t let the bystander effect sap our will to action and turn us from taking our rightful roles within the leadership of our towns and cities.

At this point in our history, only a party that reveres the Constitution and the freedoms it affirms for us has the legitimacy to rule. We all know that. While the traitorous Democrats and Republicans continue to discuss curtailing our rights, the threats that prove the need for our rights continue to grow.

The bystander-effect. What a strange concept. Many of you have probably heard of this, before, but not all of you may know what it means.

Open your mind and imagine if you will.

You are witness to a car accident. Among the flames and wreckage, you see the shapes of people. Not knowing if the people trapped within are capable of getting out on their own, the urge to step forth and render aide wells up from somewhere deep inside you.

You suck in a deep breath. Your body tenses up, and you prepare to take the plunge. You are ready to be that good Samaritan that you know you should be. Willing to risk injury or even death to help your fellow Man. But then, as you prepare to step forth, you notice that a crowd has gathered. People have their cellphones in hand. You are sure that among them, someone is dialing the police. Right? And, it crosses your mind that somewhere in the crowd is another good Samaritan and one that is physically capable of helping more than you are. You get the sense that your help is not as needed as you thought it was, and you step back into the crowd, sure that support is on the way.

The problem, however, is that most everyone else there is thinking the same thing. “I know that I should help, but with so many people here, I’m sure someone else is already working on it.” And so, the wreck burns. Gradually, as the people standing passively around you capture video of the horror unfolding before you, the motion of those trapped within becomes still. All at once, everyone watching realizes the tragedy that has just befallen the scene.

A thick, sickening feeling falls over the crowd as they realize that, had anyone acted on their first instincts, the result would have been dramatically different. The guilt of knowing that you failed in your duty to step forward settles like concrete in your heart. It weighs you down. As time goes on, this weight doesn’t lessen. It grows. The knowledge that you had but to step forth, reach out your hand, and tragedy could have been averted slowly poisons your disposition, like mercury in cheap tooth fillings.

Our nation is crumbling around us. We all cry out for a hero to step forward and right all the wrongs, to bring justice to the evil parasites that have taken up residence in the soul of our nation, sapping it of its vitality and vigor. We know in our heart of hearts that we have but to reach out, seize the steering wheel, and turn this car away from the oncoming semi-truck that we can see so clearly heading straight for us. But we all think that someone more capable than us will step forward if we wait long enough.

Who will be the hero of the story?

The reality that we fail to act upon is – no hero waiting in the wings. YOU must be that hero. YOU must be the one to step forth. YOU have but to make that choice. YOU are the one that is needed. The collective strength of every true patriot is necessary to avert the devastating destruction that awaits us if we fail to act.

Our republic is in flames. The recent terror attacks in Gilroy, Dayton, and El Paso demonstrate that. I won’t even bother going into details about the political leanings of each of these shooters. There’s no point. We don’t want to admit it. It’s easier to think that things will go back to normal if we elect the right politician. But it’s just not so.

Our political elites have sold us out. The Democrats continue to go utterly insane and tear themselves apart, while the Republicans continue to make backhanded deals that use the twisted, fractured wreck of our civilization as a stepping stool on which to elevate themselves.

You know it’s true. Look at any big city in the United States – witness the crime, the violence, the gangs that walk the streets among the drug-addled zombies they use, and witness the lack of fear of consequences they know won’t come. Witness the hordes of invaders flooding across the border by the tens of thousands every month and witness the corrupt, incompetent wretches in D.C. that simply don’t care. Even our mid-sized cities, small towns, and rural communities are not immune to this. The epidemic of drugs has utterly devastated our populace at every level of society. Illegal immigration has decimated the middle-class. Tech censorship has laid waste to our political discourse. Our nation has become a powder keg, and the people we have elected to lead us out of this mess laugh and throw lit matches at it. How much longer can it go on like this?

What can be done about this?

We need to fund our ballot initiatives, our outreach efforts, and to hire and pay staff to do the heavy lifting behind the scenes. But even more than that, we need YOU to not fall victim to the bystander effect. We need YOU to throw your hat in the political ring and become a candidate for the only party in the United States that regards the Constitution as the wellspring from which our civilization draws its greatness. We need YOU to be the hero that steps forth to quench the growing fires of civil conflict. With superior ideas and a return to our traditional way of life, we can put out the flames that encroach all around us.

These conversations are not ones of negativity and pessimism. They are messages of hope and calls to action. What could be more positive than to roll up one’s sleeves to awaken your fellow patriots to the need to rescue our nation and our people from peril?

We have been thoroughly betrayed by our political elites, and therefore we need YOU to step in and replace the parasites that infect our halls of power. We need YOU to reach out and, through the ballot box, take the power away from the parasites of the political class, and place it firmly back into the hands of the People. We need YOU to be that hero. We need YOU to be that good Samaritan and step forth to rescue our people from the burning wreck left to us by the irresponsible drivers of our society.

Donate to the party. Share this content on your social media, email it to friends, print it out and attach it to the leg of a carrier pigeon if you have to. Help us spread the message and donate however much you can spare to help fund our campaign against the blight on our civilization. If you don’t do it, who will?

Digital Paul Revere

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The Weapon of Our Enemies

This message is going to be a long one. But it’s critical that you read through to the end to understand the depth of the danger facing our civilization. If these words speak to you and if in your heart of hearts, you agree, then be sure to share this article with friends, family and in social media. Do your part to awaken the spirit of true patriotism in America.

Your donations are not only coming in but increasing in size and frequency. Your generous investment in the party moves us one step closer to our goal of returning the Constitution and our traditional way of life back to their places of primacy. More and more patriotic Americans are waking up and placing their bets on Liberty, Integrity, and Prosperity. Join the true patriots of our land and continue your support for us in our fight against tyranny. Now onto today’s thoughts.


Words used as weapons of destruction.

Patriots like us are called extremists by people with nefarious intentions at heart. The British called the patriots that founded our nation extremists.  Today, Cultural Marxists of the radical Left and duplicitous, globalist Republicans, who have separate motives, yet mutual interests in mass-migrations, use that term to describe us. They understand the power of words, and they know how to wield these weapons of mass disinformation against us.

Not only are American patriots raising their eyes to behold the catastrophe that is happening before us with regards to censorship of centrist and conservative speech online, even the Federal government is also taking notice and beginning to address it. Could this have been possible without millions of conservative voices calling out in unison?  It took conservatives and centrists alike to join their voices together and shout out our displeasure to gain attention.

Conservatives are, by their nature, peace-loving, individualistic people. Conservatives generally abide by the ancient wisdom “live and let live.” A noble and preferable way to view the world. It captures the very heart of liberty to go about one’s own life and not disturb the lives of others. But it is a double-edged sword and one that we are letting cut us. By being so hesitant to speak up against obvious evils, we have allowed the infection caused by the frequent nicks and cuts to fester, threatening the very life of our great republic.

The reason for this is apparent. Conservatives know just as well as Democrats and their progressive allies that words have immense power. The difference is that conservatives are hesitant to utilize this power. We understand the tremendous harm done to individuals and groups with a well-placed word. Donald Trump demonstrated this when he called out “the squad” of radical progressives on Twitter for their blatant hate of the United States. The Leftists know this too, and they count on it. Even more, they have succeeded in making us too scared to use our words against them. They have so thoroughly cowed us with the threat of being called “racist, bigots, Nazis”  that we remain silent when we know such words are untrue. When you control the ability of people to speak, you eventually control their ability to think. When people can no longer express their thoughts, ideas disappear from public consciousness. They cease to exist. Our enemies are doing  it to us. They are erasing our traditional way of life by erasing our ability to talk about it freely.


“Hey buddy, it looks like you’ve had a little too much to think there. You’re coming with me.”

Our enemies!  It’s a pretty incendiary term, is it not? Try speaking it aloud. Seriously, say it! Many of you will find it difficult. Most will not even try. Many will brush off the suggestion with an internal, self-reassuring laugh. Some of you will say it, but silently, in your mind. A small percentage of those people will silently mouth the words, and an even tinier fraction of you will speak it aloud. But I challenge you to do it. Our enemies!

The reason why it will be difficult is because most know to whom I am referring when I say, “Our enemies”! You automatically understand that I am not talking about some ISIS animals holed up in a cave somewhere in the Middle East. You will know that I am not referring to the Communist Chinese with their endless schemes to undermine Western civilization.  Most will not assume either of those. You will know that I am referring to the radical leftists that have infected our society and their globalist, Republican allies. And herein lies the threat! They are using our language against us to rapidly close the fist of tyranny around our collective throats.

How do we know this? How do we know they are our enemies? The answer is simple. Look at the way the radical leftists in the news media have covered recent events, and you will have your answer. The Mexican flag being raised over US government installations by progressive leftists. The radical leftist, (I will not honor by writing his name) who firebombed the illegal alien detention center in Washington state over the weekend. The insane leftists in our Congress and those during presidential debate calling for illegal immigration to be decriminalized, and illegal aliens (AKA invaders) to be given free, universal healthcare. Then we see Democrat presidential candidates are crossing over the border and CAMPAIGNING IN MEXICO. The collusion between these cultural Marxists, globalists, and the news media to spin and cover it all up is not hidden! The Cultural Marxists within the radical Left have thoroughly weaponized our language.

We are all familiar with the adage, “The pen is mightier than the sword”. But why is that? How is it that random noises emitted from our throats by air from our lungs passing over our vocal cords can have so much power? Go to a speaker of some foreign language and utter the word “pizza” to them. It means about as much to a non-English speaker as “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. But if you were to say those same words to a speaker of English, then the word would have tremendous physiological and psychological effects.

Admit it, when you read the word “pizza”, your mind automatically conjures up smells of delicious melted cheese, tangy marinara sauce, and spicy pepperoni. Or maybe it was Canadian bacon and pineapple. Whatever pizza you prefer is irrelevant. The important part is that it elicited feelings and sensations from you – scents, tastes, memories, meanings, and a whole host of other reactions. I wonder how many of you thought about placing an order for Pizza Hut just now. That monstrously long and difficult to read word in the last paragraph probably made a lot of people feel confused and maybe even frustrated, if they couldn’t read it right away, until they realized that it’s that silly word from Mary Poppins. But that’s the point – the power of words.

Just by hearing these random vocalizations arranged into familiar, repeating patterns, you had a real, physical response. Now imagine if, over a long period, a devious person was to subvert your understanding of the word “pizza”. Imagine that, gradually over many years, they changed the meaning of the word, so the result was that “pizza” doesn’t mean a delicious, fattening treat. Imagine if they succeeded in getting popular culture to agree that “pizza” now means the same thing as, say, “Nazi”. Upon reading that, most of you suddenly understood where this is going…

The radical Left’s most powerful weapon against the free peoples of the world is their masterful understanding of how language works. They understand that by changing the meaning of words, they can effectively stop people from talking about the ideas those words convey. Think about it. One such example is the Leftists’ changing the meaning of the word nationalism. They have convinced people that nationalism is the same as Nazism. They have persuaded people to stop using the phrase, illegal alien and replaced it with the words, undocumented worker. It has a much softer sound, doesn’t it?  It doesn’t get the blood boiling quite as much as illegal alien or invader! Now, we have replaced undocumented worker with migrants or immigrants.  Notice how each word change somehow lessens any threat posed to our nation. They intentionally conflate the meaning of the words to confuse people. Some in the Democrat Party and the news media have even begun using the term, undocumented citizen.


So, how did the Left acquire such control over our language?

I am sure that many of you have heard of “the long march through the institutions.” For those of you not familiar with the term, it means the gradual takeover of institutions, such as our education system, by radical progressives. Children are now exposed to leftist ideology from day one and almost entirely unopposed. In places where Democrats have super majorities, conservative teachers are silenced and risk dismissal from their jobs for speaking up.  Even worse, leaking personal information to violent radicals, or being accused of sexual impropriety with their students, has a chilling effect on anyone’s free speech!

The Left is escalating its rhetoric against our nation and our people. The reprehensible creature, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, recently called detention centers on the border “concentration camps”. She caught a lot of heat for this, and rightly so. But think about what she tried to do afterward. She tried to weasel her way out of it by saying that she wasn’t referring to Nazi death camps. But we all know that’s nonsense, as she immediately followed it up with the phrase “never again”. Many of us know that “never again” is a direct reference to never again allowing genocidal fascism to take root in the world.

And there is another word twisted and deformed from its actual meaning to be a weapon that the Left can use to bludgeon the rest of us. They say that EVERYTHING is fascist if it doesn’t agree with their political world view. They justify ever-increasing violence against conservatives with this twisting of words. The radical leftist terrorist that firebombed the illegal alien detention center directly referenced “concentration camps” in his manifesto/suicide letter.

They say that defending the border is a form of “hate” (yet another word whose meaning they’ve co-opted for their villainous reasons). They then say that “hate has no place in our country”. They say that “hate” is a form of “violence”. They even try to scientifically justify this by saying that “hate” causes stress hormones in the body, which is bad for people’s health, and therefore, it’s violence to “hate” someone. All the while, actual “hate” and “violence” are used regularly to destroy the lives and bodies of conservative Americans. People are afraid to speak for fear of being persecuted by leftists through their manipulation of language.


In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

If people are so afraid of reprisal, how can they speak out against tyranny? Once tyranny has taken full control of language, then free people can no longer speak out. And that’s the danger we face!. The radical Left, their contemptuous adherents, and their globalist allies in the Republican Party have manipulated our language to such an extent, that even talking about mass, illegal immigration is “racist.” Talking about the crime that the invaders commit is “white nationalist.” Talking about how more and more Democratic districts are giving drivers licenses to illegal invaders is “bigoted.” And bringing up that the same Democratic districts are amending laws to say that when you get a driver’s license, you are automatically registered to vote is considered “voter suppression”. They have twisted the meaning of words so much as to have a complete stranglehold on public discourse.

How many times have you watched or seen a news item, read the blatant lie contained within, and said to yourself, “That is complete BS! I know FOR A FACT that is not true!”  Tell a lie often enough, and it becomes the truth. A clever way to reprogram our culture through manipulation of our language.

It’s time to fight back. Take back our language and shout from the rooftops. Let them know that NO, you WILL NOT be reprogrammed. You are NOT a machine for them to reprogram to their liking. Let them know that you ARE a patriotic nationalist, and you WILL defend your civilization.

The pen truly is mightier than the sword, and it’s time that we take this powerful weapon back under our control. It’s time we turn it against the tyrants of the Left and the globalist traitors. It is utterly imperative that we take back our language. If we don’t defend our civilization with our words, then it won’t be long before we are called to protect it with our rifles. Despite its numerous flaws, THE UNITED STATES HAS BEEN THE SINGLE GREATEST DRIVING FORCE FOR FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY IN THE HISTORY OF OUR WORLD.

If you don’t want the day to come when your sons and daughters must defend your city from seizure by armed, radical leftists, then act now! Take back our language and use the words that the Left uses to demonize us against them. And don’t fall victim to the “it can’t happen here” fallacy. It can happen – it will happen.  We have much at stake. Never forget: The only thing that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

The violence is already increasing. It’s spilling out into our streets. Leftist publications are openly calling for progressive Democrats to “arm themselves in defense of marginalized communities” (that’s an actual quote). The only tool you have to stop this from happening is your right to the freedom of expression. The best way to express yourself politically is by supporting political players that will honor their oath to defend and uphold the Constitution. At this juncture in our history, there is only one such party. The Constitution Party calls all patriotic Americans to abandon both the Democrats and the Republicans.


We must unite in a new political force before we are swept into the dustbin of history.

Nazism, socialism, and communism were responsible for the loss of millions of innocent lives in the past century. What do they care if a few million American patriots have to die so that they can have their leftist utopia? They don’t care. Many of them salivate at the thought of our deaths. Take back our language. Take back our right to express ourselves. It is the only way to prevent the nightmare from which there can be no waking. We cannot allow the ideas of liberty to be lost by our silence.

Click the link below to add your voice to the growing number of patriots shouting out against this tyranny. Donate to the Constitution Party. We need to run candidates in every town and city across the land. We need patriots who will strike down our enemies in the political arena and save us from the need to strike down our enemies in the combat arena. There isn’t much time left.

Digital Paul Revere


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Digital Paul Revere

Venezuelan Invasion Threatens the USA

Friend —

At this point, it should be as plain as day that the situation shaping up in Venezuela is America’s version of the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe (Islamic invasion of Europe). Europe has endured wave after wave of “refugees” crossing the Mediterranean or walking through the Middle East and Eastern Europe to reach the welfare states of Western Europe. Thanks to the structure of the EU, once these “refugees” were able to enter the EU at any point, they were able to move freely through the block.

Now millions upon millions of them are settled all across Europe. No-go zones are increasing in both number and size. Grooming gangs, gangs whose purpose is to recruit local girls into forced prostitution, are being uncovered, and local police and other authorities are frequently accused of knowing about it and turning a blind eye “for fear of being called racist.” All of this started with the US’ destabilizing actions in the Middle East. It continues to happen because mentally ill leftist activists and traitorous “conservatives” do everything they can to facilitate it. Much of this should sound familiar.

At this moment, much of South and Central America is on the edge of catastrophe. Already, our borders are under constant assault by increasingly massive and aggressive “caravans” of “refugees.” They flee failed states south of the border, including Mexico, but when they come, they bring with them the lifestyles and ways of thinking that contributed to the failure of their nations. The culture they bring with them is damaging to the fabric of the US. The Cultural Marxists of the radical left and the corporate globalists of both parties love this.

The leftists like the importation of a class of easily controlled people who have little to no understanding of our history, rights, or values. These “migrants” have been shown to vote mainly along racial lines, and typically vote for candidates that promise more protections for illegal aliens and more welfare benefits for them. The globalist Republicans like them, because they provide cheap, easily manipulated workers.

These groups have used universities, federally funded public schools, and corporate “anti-discrimination” policies to successfully brainwash multiple generations of Americans into believing that open borders are virtuous and that the US is nothing more than a fascist, failed facsimile of its former self, and therefore, not worth saving. We see the culmination of all of their efforts, endless protests by leftist radicals both young and old, students ostracized by both teachers and fellow students for wrong think, people fired from their jobs for being accused of racism or “white supremacy, and banks canceling the accounts of common people for expressing political opposition to radical leftist ideology.

The stage is now set for the globalists and cultural Marxists to take advantage of the situation in Venezuela to trigger the next migrant crisis. Think the EU migrant crisis, only exchange Muslims for South and Central Americans as the “refugees,” and replace Islam with Cultural Marxism as the driving ideology. Venezuela is, for all intents and purposes, in a state of civil war. Once the real violence begins in Venezuela and the surrounding areas, the number of “refugees” traveling north will swell, and our border will be utterly swamped.

Many people who live in Small-Town America have yet to experience the horror of Cultural Marxism, but it is seeping in. As long as they have control of the academic institutions, financial institutions, and social media, their corrosive ideology will continue to spread until the breaking point. Large numbers of radical leftist now serve in Congress. The latest studies depicting the spread of Americans across the political spectrum show that conservatives are coalescing around a shared set of values that are more or less center-right, while people on the left are spreading further and further towards the radical left. The further left they spread, the deeper into Cultural Marxism they get, and likewise the more authoritarian. That’s why they call us “far right.” They have moved so far to the left, that it looks like everyone else is shifting to the right. Their control of the above-mentioned institutions means that they have a continuing means of circumventing the constitution.

They are trying to introduce a form of techno-fascism to the US. They understand that the government can’t censor our speech, can’t restrict our participation in financial transactions, or discriminate against us based on race or ideology. But they also understand that they, as private institutions, can. They use this power to promote a message of open borders. If you disagree with it, or any of their other positions, then you are refused access to any or all of these services.

The EU has fallen to a form of this techno-fascism. People all across the EU are being arrested for sending anti-immigration messages on Twitter. How do they define “anti-immigration”? Asking questions such as why Muslims can do things, but citizens cannot — disagreeing with paying taxes that go into a welfare system that benefits illegal aliens over citizens — or raising awareness about violence and crime. And recently, the EU has passed internet censorship legislation that imposes taxes for people to exercise their right to free speech.

If we don’t assert our sovereignty and our rights as Americans, expel the tens of millions of illegals already here and repel the invasion of our southern border, then the corrosive acid of Cultural Marxism will eat our civilization away entirely the same way it is in the EU. Many of our most beautiful cities, such as San Francisco, have already fallen victim to Cultural Marxism, and they now resemble third-world countries. We have to push back, and we have to do it NOW. The time is NOW.

The good news is that there are two weapons available to citizens of the US with which to fight back. The first is social media. The second is the ability to run for office and vote. We still can speak, and now is the time to do so. For the first time, our society is beginning to ask the question of why we don’t have the same rights online as we have in the real world. To older generations, the internet may seem like a triviality. But to younger people, the internet is an indispensable and critical component of daily life. All aspects of life for younger people are online. If we all speak up at the same time, they can’t censor us all. As artificial intelligence technology grows, though, there will soon come a time when they WILL be able to silence us all.

We, as citizens, can run for ANY office, and we can sue the government to change any aspect of the law that we want. That is one of the things that makes us unique in the world. Fundamentally, our nation is designed to give as much power to the people as possible. The problem is that We the People have become lazy and entitled. We expect to be taken care of and have been manipulated not to notice that the people that we trusted to take care of us, while we went on autopilot, are abusing and taking advantage of us. We have but to wake up, realize that the power of government is only an illusion and that real power is in OUR hands. The system is as broken as it is because we allowed it to be. But we can reach out, take control, and set things straight — now is the time to do it.

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So, Is the New Zealand Attack so Bad?

Friend —

Please share this content far and wide. We are entering an era of unprecedented danger. The only way out is to grow our numbers to counter the attacks being levied against our freedom. With election season already beginning, we need Constitutionist candidates to step forth and throw their hat in the ring. Be a champion of Liberty, Integrity, and Prosperity. Reach out to the Constitution Party to find out how you can save our civilization.




That is a pretty provocative title. I know it. So, first off, yes. It was awful. The unjust taking of life is atrocious no matter the circumstance. It is against the will of God, and it is anti-humanitarianism distilled to its purest form. We of the Constitution Party officially denounce this action. I have to write this at the outset, because radical Progressive Leftists will try to use this article as a cudgel with which to bludgeon conservatives, otherwise. But why is the man who committed this vile act of terror vilified to the degree that he is, while Islamist attacks are swept under the rug, censored from the internet, not reported by the media, and we are told to “keep calm and carry on” when Islamist after Islamist creates an ever-rising body count in the West? Why is he turned into a villain while Progressive Leftists are celebrated as champions of “women’s reproductive rights” when they pass laws allowing the murder of babies? Why aren’t all of them villains?

“Keep calm and carry on” was created by the British government in preparation of WW2 but it has been stolen by the pro-Islamist segments of Western society to try and dissuade people from expressing their righteous anger after yet another one of these barbarians blows himself up, throws acid on women’s faces for not wearing a hijab, or rents a large cargo truck to drive down crowded city sidewalks and kill as many people as possible. This theft of such a noble slogan is a betrayal of our rights and values as citizens of enlightened Western countries. It is an attempt to suppress our justified rage when people whom we have generously allowed to enter our lands commit suicide (which is itself a sin against God’s laws) in order to commit mass murder (Which is yet another sin against God’s laws).

Moreover, it is an attempt by governments in the West to dissuade the peoples of the West from expressing their anger. When these events happen, the governments of the West become spooked that this one might be the one in which the People will wake up and push back. They are afraid the People will turn their anger against their governments for allowing these atrocities to happen again, and again, and again, and again, all in the name of promoting “diversity”. They are afraid that the People will grow tired of being watched, monitored, and surveilled 24/7 to “prevent terrorist attacks”, while Muhammed and Abu blow themselves up at concerts full of little girls and drive cargo trucks through crowds of Christians at Christmas markets.

Questions and considerations.

The question used to be “When will Western People wake up and realize that Islam is completely incompatible with the West?” Now that we have awakened, the question is “When will the People of the West end their silence, speak up, and demand an end to the importation of this abhorrent death cult?”

Below is a link to a list of Islamist terror attacks carried out since the 1970s. You, being an observant reader, will notice something very important: As the years go on, the frequency of Islamist terror attacks increases rapidly. Starting from five attacks altogether in the 70s and 80s, to twenty-seven in 2018 alone. The source is Wikipedia, and knowing that Wikipedia leans slightly to the left in its politics, you can be sure that this article is not written by “right-wing bigots”


I will let you in on a fact that very few people in the civilian world are aware of: Slavery is more active, and slaves are more numerous now than at any point in human history. The vast majority of the slaves being traded are middle eastern and African Christian women and Southeast Asian girls.

I’ll give you three guesses as to which religious death cult is responsible for the lion’s share of the modern slave trade. You will probably only need one guess to figure it out.

Why is it that, when a mass shooting is carried out by a “lone wolf” in the US, the reaction in the media is “White supremacist, right-wing bigot commits a mass shooting.” And “We need gun control!” (even when it’s later proven that the shooter was a leftist), but when an Islamist commits ritual suicide by blowing himself up in a crowded public place, the reaction from the media is “Not all Muslims are terrorists!” Why do they never acknowledge that the vast majority of terror is conducted in “gun-free zones” like schools, businesses, and churches?

When Muslims commit acts of terror, why can’t we demand “Islam control” legislation? After all, Muslims don’t only use guns to murder innocents. They use trucks, knives, acid, bombs, planes, and more. Far more dangerous than the occasional use of firearms to commit murder, since most of those things have no way to be controlled at all. Why not just ban people with the ideology of death and subjugation from entering our lands to begin with? Is it racist? How can banning an ideology be racist? After all, there are Arab Muslims, there are White Muslims, Black Muslims. Every color of the rainbow is present under this horrendous ideology. If it’s just an ideology and not a race, then it can’t be racist.

The man who committed the New Zealand mosque killings is Australian. Why won’t they tell you that both New Zealand and Australia have extremely strict gun control laws? Have those laws helped? Apparently not.

Why is it acceptable to declare that all conservatives are “Evil, racist, Nazi, bigots” when a single person makes a naughty joke on social media, but when an Islamist murders dozens of innocent people, we are told that we have to be tolerant and loving towards the murderous barbarians?

So, what does this have to do with Christchurch?

Circling back around to the shooting in New Zealand, what was the goal of the killer? If you listen to the leftist media, you would believe that he was a white supremacist, right-wing bigot. I tried to get the original link to his manifesto and his Facebook page to share with you, but both have already been largely scrubbed from the internet. The edited versions that still remain are largely in the hands of far-left media outlets, where they highlight only the parts that they can use to demonize the rest of us. They edit out the parts where he admits to being a communist, where he admits that he hates conservatism, and admits that his ideology aligns most closely to that of China.

An extremely important thing that the Progressive Leftist controlled media leaves out is the part where he says point blank that his goal in committing this atrocity is to accelerate the coming of civil war in the United States. His view is that when civil war finally breaks out in the US, that it will bring about world-changing events that will create the conditions for global communism to take hold.

They don’t tell you that he began his journey as a far-left activist, and following his travels around the world, he became a hardcore communist and finally (in his own words) ended up as an “eco-fascist” (think Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’ “Green New Deal” to see what eco-fascism looks like). He admitted in his own manifesto that his goal was to cause Western governments to demand further gun control so that citizens cannot resist communist takeover. He wrote extensively about the collapse of European civilization due to illegal Islamic migration from Africa and the middle east. That last part is demonstrably true. His entire manifesto was tailor-made to be a Leftist Progressive’s propaganda wet dream to crush conservatism – – And he admitted it. But the media won’t tell you that.

The worst part of all: He is getting exactly what he wanted.

There will be retaliation for his actions. All of that retaliation is going to be against conservatives. And it has already begun in the form of censorship and pushes throughout the West for more gun control. There will be Islamist attacks against Western peoples. There will be political retaliation by governments that are increasingly under leftist control. There will be further curbing of our right to freedom of speech and freedom of association. And when the People have had enough of this, they will push back. His attack on the mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand were masterfully planned and executed, and they are already having the intended outcomes.

Western conservatives must be ready. There are far more of us than most people realize, but we have been conditioned to be the silent majority. We are in a catch-22 situation, now. If we act to defend our rights, the leftists will use it as a propaganda win. If we do not act to defend our rights, then they will be taken away and we will sink further and further into tyranny and oppression until we have sunk so deep into the nightmare that there will be no recovering from it.

We are once again at a turning point in history, and truly we must tread carefully. How goes the United States, so goes the world. If we fall, the world falls. And whose hands will it fall into? Whose hands will our lives be in?

Despite the danger that we find ourselves in, we have to remember that the Founding Fathers, in their wisdom, gave us the tools by which our civilization can be defended. The only path forward that does not involve the widespread outbreak of violent revolution is to use the tools given to us by the Constitution to recover our systems of governance from the hands of psychopathic Leftist Progressives, RINO globalists, and their Islamist partners.

It is more important than ever that our Party grow in size, power, and influence, to act as a counterweight against the rising tide of Progressive communism. We must run our candidates, we must rise to the occasion.

Our champions must make themselves known.

Do not underestimate the clear and present danger that we are in. The danger is here, it is real, and it is growing. Do your part by putting your name forward to represent your areas. Do your part by getting Constitutionist Patriots elected to offices all around the country. Do your part by snatching our very way of life from the jaws of the psychopathic Progressives, communists, and RINOs. If you cannot run for office, then do your part by donating what you can for as long as you can so that we can fund Constitutionist campaigns. Do your part by spreading the message of Liberty, Prosperity, and Integrity far and wide. Do your part by showing the world that we are NOT afraid, and that we WILL take back our country, and that we MUST take back our destiny.

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It’s Better to be American

Friend —

First of all. I want to send a huge thanks to all of our new donors. Our website traffic is up, new donations are increasing, and our message is resonating with Americans all across the land. If you like this content, if you agree with the message, if you want to see American values restored, don’t forget that your donations give us the ability to move forward. Don’t forget to subscribe to our social media. We are building a larger and more inclusive social media presence, so everyone has more chances to interact with us. Please read to the end to find links to our social media and donation pages.

One thing that I often hear about in the media these days is the issue of “our morality”. This bothers me. And it bothers me for a specific reason: Whose morality is “our morality”? And what does it have to do with nationhood?

Americans as a group are unique in the world. Nowhere in the world can you go, apply for a passport, and then be considered to be “one of” their people. You can’t go to Germany, pick up a German passport, and then people will say that you are “German”. What if you go to China and picked up a Chinese passport? Do you think that they would accept you as “Chinese”? They don’t even allow foreigners to apply for citizenship. How about Japan? What about in South Africa, Namibia, South Sudan, Syria, or Russia? Would they look at your local passport and say “Oh. Yep. You are one of us.”?

No. Of course not. And that is why our nation and our people are so unique.

At no point in the history of our species has a country arisen to any meaningful position of power and influence while also saying  “Anyone can be one of us.” The closest that comes to mind would perhaps be the Roman Empire. But even then, it wasn’t just a matter of taking an oath, swapping out one little pocket-sized book for another, and then BOOM you’re Roman. No. They had a complex system of citizenship classes, and the criteria for acquiring them was equally onerous.

Only in our day and age, and only in the United States of America do foreigners even have the chance of not just getting a passport but being able to say with honesty and earnestness “I am American.” Even persons from completely alien cultures, with traditions and ways of life entirely antithetical to our own. Even if they came here ILLEGALLY.

But now we have to consider an important question: Why? Why are Americans, and to a limited extent people from around the anglosphere (English speaking countries that are part of the Common Wealth) pushed further and further into the cultural miasma of “Multi-culturalism”?

You may have grown up being told that all cultures and all nations are equal. Certainly, all human beings are born equal, but why does that equality naturally extend to all cultures, languages, and nations? It doesn’t. If all cultures are equal, then why do waves upon waves of people from all around the world flock to the US? Why don’t they flock to places like Zimbabwe by the millions? Or to Romania? Because not all countries are created equal. Not all cultures are created equal. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but once you think about it, you realize that it’s true.

The traditional culture of the United States built the most prosperous, most powerful nation in the history of the world. That culture is under attack, now.

The Leftist Progressives and their Globalist RINO allies in the Republican party push this narrative that all cultures are equal, because they know that most Americans have never stepped foot outside of America and have no frame of reference on the matter. These Progressives and Globalists know that Americans can be manipulated by appealing to their sense of morality. Their only view is the limited window provided to them by television, and now the slightly larger window of the Internet.

Why do they do this?

They do it because Republican business lobbies benefit due to cheap labor from countries whose cultures have little to no value for individual liberty, and Democrats like them because they are raised in cultures that are socialistic and where Big Government seems like a natural thing and these immigrants vote roughly 85% Democrat.

Most Americans will never know the feeling of stepping out onto the street and seeing gangs of knife-wielding teenagers numbering in the dozens roaming the streets unchallenged, enforcing religious and political doctrines. They don’t know what it means to be cornered by corrupt police, with guns pointed at them and having money or valuable belongings extorted from them. They will never witness swarms of police vans shuttling hundreds of blue-and-white clad officers to descend on impoverished villages, and then see those villagers bundled off in the middle of the night so that corrupt land developers can demolish their homes to make way for a new luxury high-rise. Do we want people who hold these kinds of cultural values? Do they somehow help America become a better place?

They know that by pushing the narrative of cultural equality, Americans will be less likely to resist the importation of millions of people whose cultural values are completely opposite our values. They also know that, when Americans begin to notice that people from these other cultures don’t learn our language, don’t observe our traditions, and don’t respect our values, we won’t push back. Our morality won’t allow for it. It would be considered racist, or at the very least, rude. But we have the right to push back. It is our nation.

How many Americans know that open-air slave markets are run, quite profitably, in places like Libya? Is it white European colonists capturing and selling the slaves? The liberal progressives would have you believe that European colonizers are the only culture in history to have ever kept slaves. They remind us of that history every chance they get. They won’t tell you that it was Conservative Americans that chose to free the slaves, extend citizenship to them, and fought a civil war to do it. They try to hide that it was the Democrats that resisted giving up slavery and formed the KKK. They won’t tell you that the slave markets in North Africa are run by Muslims and that they sell captured Christian women of various ethnicities to be wives to ISIS soldiers.

What do we gain?

Do we want people with these cultural values entering our country, creating communities of their own, and completely rejecting our morals and values? What, exactly, is wrong with demanding that these people abide by our traditions? Why are we forced to accept their cultures, but if we want them to live by our standards, it’s racist?

Recently, Ilhan Omar has been in the news numerous times for promoting antisemitism and Islamic culture in Congress. When people denounce this, they are called racist and Islamophobic. Why is it unreasonable to expect a US representative to obey the customs and morals of our country? She is an immigrant here, after all. If her homeland was so bad that she had to come here as a refugee, why should we accept our generosity being repaid with a slap to the face? Does the US gain by keeping her around?

What does OUR nation have to gain by inviting people from these cultures into our country? Not by the hundreds nor the thousands. But by the millions. How long can our traditions, our values, and our very way of life stand against such an onslaught? As mentioned before, we already have Muslims in congress who demand that our ancient traditions be changed in order to suit their culture. Is that to say that all people from these countries are bad? Absolutely not! Is it so say that respect and a healthy curiosity in their cultures is evil? Not at all. Is that to say that the US should be a white country, to the exclusion of other races? Not even a little bit. The US DOES have plenty to gain by inviting the best and brightest from other countries and other cultures to become American. But that’s the point. They have to want to become American. The problem is that most who are coming here now not only don’t want to transform themselves into Americans, many of them actively hate our country, our values, and our history.

They have weaponized our morality against us.

Americans are loath to take true pride in their unique accomplishments. It is part of the religiosity that helped found this nation. Pride comes before the fall, as the old saying goes. In religious terms, this may be true, but what about in nationalistic terms? When I asked my mother recently if she knows what nationalism means, she said that MSNBC told her it means to be fascist and racist, that only Nazis are nationalists. I dared her to look at the dictionary, and she was completely confused when she saw the real meaning of nationalism.

How can people preserve their nation when they are indoctrinated from youth not to take genuine pride in the unique accomplishments of their nation? What happens when you have enclaves of people living within your borders who don’t share your values, don’t speak your language, and don’t understand or care about your traditions? What happens is that you no longer have a country. You have a disparate collection of mutually-distrustful ethnic groups with competing and contradictory interests. Is that what a “melting pot” looks like? What exactly are the “conservatives” in our government conserving? They aren’t conserving our way of life, that’s for sure. They are selling it out for cheap, easily controlled labor.

How long can such a place remain peaceful?

Certain people in the media and mainstream politics would call even talking about this racist. They would call this “white nationalism”, or “fascist”. But we have to ask some very important questions, then. Why is it racist? How many of you know that there is an activist group in the US called La Raza? If some of you have heard of it, how many know what it means? It’s Spanish for “The Race”. Why aren’t they called racist? How many of you know who Keith Ellison is? Or that he’s a Muslim US congressman? How many of you know that he has made official calls since his late 20’s for African-Americans to claim a portion of US soil, secede from the union, and form a black ethno-state (a country designed to be occupied by only one race)? Why aren’t he and his supporters called racist? Are those the kind of morals that we as Americans should accept?

When Progressive democrats and RINOs talk about “our morals”, that should be a red flag in your mind to start thinking really hard about whose “morals” they are talking about. We have our own values, customs, language, and culture. It’s our values that built this country. And it’s our traditions that will see our Liberty and Integrity restored so that we all may enjoy Prosperity.

It’s Ok to respect other cultures. It’s OK to learn and be fluent in other languages. It’s OK to travel to other countries to appreciate their way of life. It’s OK to have a nation made richer by inviting in vetted and trusted people from around the world to contribute skills and knowledge. It’s OK to be members of different races and ethnicities.

Yes. All of that is fine and well. But more importantly…

It’s better to be American.

With warmest regards,

DPR (Digital Paul Revere)


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