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2020 Constitution Party nominee for President of the United States

The Constitution Party is dedicated to the premise that America became the greatest nation on earth because America’s founders guaranteed its citizens their individual freedoms and at the same time provided a clear and understandable basis for law and order.    The template for both the freedoms and the law was and remains the Constitution of the United States.

AMERICA S-O-S Will YOU Answer The Call?

AMERICA S-O-S Will YOU Answer The Call?

The Critical Nature of Gaining Ballot Status Nationwide

The vast majority of Americans are unaware of the obstacles third parties face to place their candidates on the ballot in each state.  Some states are very reasonable in regard to the requirements for a party to gain ballot status thereby enabling that party to place their candidates on the November General Election ballot. However, many states have requirements that are very unreasonable to meet.

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Century of the Common Man

Darrell Castle talks about what Vice President Henry Wallace described in a 1942 speech as the Century of the Common Man. What is the status of the “common man” today?

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