Resolution Of Condemnation

by the Executive Committee of the Constitution Party

Whereas the Constitution Party National Committee (CPNC or the “Constitution Party”) has in recent years been embroiled in controversy as a result of destructive and insulting theological discussions which are available on the Internet for public viewing, and which are harmful to the CPNC and the cause it seeks to advance;

Whereas said statements are also harmful to the spirit of brotherhood and cooperation which is necessary to the realization of the mission of the Constitution Party as set out in the party’s Mission Statement;

Whereas the Constitution Party, through its spokesmen, as well as through friends of those party members who have uttered such statements, has requested that they refrain from making statements of an inflammatory nature or statements that would cause the Constitution Party to be held in disrepute or that would subject the Constitution Party to public ridicule;

Whereas statements of Constitution Party members and especially those in a leadership position, are often construed to reflect the beliefs of the CPNC at large; and

Whereas the concerns of this resolution are limited to the corrosive conduct of a small minority in the Constitution Party; and

Whereas the Constitution party invites the participation of all Americans who share a commitment to our platform, principles, and purposes regardless of their religious affiliations and beliefs;

Now, therefore, be it RESOLVED that the Executive Committee of the Constitution Party does hereby condemn offensive remarks made as to peoples’ religious faiths as intemperate, vile and wholly contrary to the principles and credos of the Constitution Party National Committee; and

Be it further RESOLVED that the Executive Committee of the Constitution Party does hereby adjure all the state party affiliates of the CNPC to join in this motion of condemnation and take the necessary steps to ensure that their state party leaders and members do not engage in such inflammatory insults.