The David Graves Story

Karen Murray : October 6, 2011 5:25 pm : Stand For The Constitution, Stand for the Constiution Story Archives

The David Graves Story

– by David Graves (Cleves, Ohio) –

I have always been politically conservative, but never really wanted to align with a party. I usually favored the Republican choice for President unless there was a good independant running. I just thought that any Republican is gotta be better than a Democrat, so regardless if I liked a candidate, I would vote for the lesser of two evils. 

It was only after the GOP chose guys like Romney, Guliani, and McCain as their ’”best choices”, that I realized we were in trouble!! 

When they bypassed true conservatives like Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul, and chose McCain to lead them, i could not support them. I watched as the so called conservatives made fun of and trashed Ron Paul and his supporters, and then when it came down to Obama and McCAIN, I chose Chuck Baldwin because I had to vote my conscience and not for who the establishment told me to vote for. 

I thank God that i have a true third party option now in the Constitution Party, instead of selling out to Party politics!! No more towing the red and blue lines for me now, at least on a national level anyway. 

God bless.

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The John Charles Moran Story

Karen Murray : March 16, 2011 5:30 pm : Stand For The Constitution, Stand for the Constiution Story Archives

The John Charles Moran Story

– by John Charles Moran (Nashville, Tennessee) –

I am from Nashville, Tennessee and graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in Political Science (focus on International Relations. I later obtained my Masters degree from New Mexico State University in History (specialty in U.S. Foreign Relations. 

A Monarchist myself at heart, I was founder of College Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom at the University of Tennessee, but ceased affiliation with them after Gulf War I and President Bush’s (and the Republican Party’s) abandonment of basic conservative beliefs. I became a supporter of Patrick Buchanan at the time. Later I became a supporter of Ron Paul. 

I pursued an academic and educational career abroad, teaching at the University and high school levels in Central America, and have been doing so for 15 years. Besides teaching, I have collaborated in historical research and books. 

I always felt these United States and its two-party monopoly in politics turned its back on me,  especially since 9-11. If Bush and the Republicans were awful and crass, President Obama and the Democrats have proven to be worse. 

It’s time for me to man up and honor my ancestors as they stood up for these United States during the War Between the States — do my part to save it before it’s too late. 

I plan to return to Tennessee and hopefully, through The Constitution Party, we can play a part in turning things around.  I look forward to joining the party and working together to save these United States.  

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If Not the Constitution Party – Then Who? Harold Thompson’s Story

Karen Murray : July 28, 2010 5:22 pm : Stand For The Constitution, Stand for the Constiution Story Archives

Since I joined the Constitution Party two years ago, my excitement level rises each day. The idea of being a part of a group of constitutionally minded people wanting to reduce and limit the Federal government to the size the Founders intended. The idea of being part of a party that, unlike other parties, actually believes in and stands for their principles.  

Having beliefs, standing for those beliefs and not compromising those beliefs for temporary gain is what makes the Constitution Party unique among American politics. We do not change, adjust or alter our beliefs due to focus group results, polling data or the desire to have the “powers that be and the media” like us. Our mission is to return America to small, limited constitutional government. We do not need or want a “cradle to grave” Federal government. 

 It seems to me that the very standards making us unique among political parties, our actual beliefs in a set of principles, is somehow viewed as a negative by many people. Why would standing up for your principles be anything but positive? My theory, people aren’t used to standing firm for much of anything in their lives.  

Therein may be the dilemma for so many Americans. Being unused to having firm beliefs, it is difficult to understand others who do have firm convictions. I once heard the most difficult decision most people make each day is what to eat for the next meal. We Americans have become too reluctant to make our own decisions. We are so “dumbed and numbed”, we are content to let “the government” make decisions for us.  

We live in the greatest country in the history of the world. Our constitutional republic is unique and has been replicated many times, but never duplicated. Why? The concept of liberty and freedom held by the Founders and woven into our Constitution. We are losing those concepts and if we do not wake up and change course, what we give away, our posterity may never regain.  

The Constitution Party believes in God, the sovereignty of our states, the principles of liberty and freedom and small Federal government. We believe in personal responsibility, low taxes, local control of our schools and local control of our governments. We do not need or want the folks in Washington, D.C. telling us how to live, what to eat, how to spend our money and what to buy with our money. Government is by, for and of the people. We, the people, need to start living up to our responsibilities. 

 I suppose if you are satisfied with the developments of the past many years, then continue voting the way you have voted. More taxes, more wars, higher gas prices, higher unemployment, government health care and more government intrusion into your life, the Democrats and Republicans will be happy to let you maintain the status quo.  

If you believe the sun is still rising on America; if you believe America is intrinsically good; if you believe America is still a shining example for the rest of the world; if you believe America gives its citizens the OPPORTUNITY for a life of freedom and liberty; it you believe that, in America, government is supposed to work for the people and not the other way around, then why aren’t you a member of the Constitution Party?  

There is literally a life and death struggle being waged every day in America. Sometimes in public view, often out of public view behind the scenes. It is a struggle being waged by ordinary people like you and me. Right now, the good people are battered, bruised and staggering but not defeated. No matter how this struggle ends, be it with more freedom or more tyranny, be assured you were a part of the outcome. You may say, “not me, I stay away from politics”. Guess what? You are still involved because you are either fighting for freedom or enabling tyranny. You are part of the solution or part of the problem. The choice is yours to make. The decision you make affects us all.  Be a freedom fighter. Preserve freedom for your children and grandchildren.  Join the Constitution Party today. We need your help.

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Jason Hartsell’s Story

Karen Murray : January 8, 2010 5:18 pm : Stand For The Constitution, Stand for the Constiution Story Archives

My parents always voted Republican and it rubbed off on me. My attitude was: “If the Republicans do it then it must be good. If the Democrats do it then it must be bad”. At the time I had no idea how dangerous that way of thinking was. For a few years I just floated around the political spectrum not really fitting in with anybody – then came Ron Paul. I jumped on board the Ron Paul bandwagon in August of 2007. He was the only candidate that made any sense at all. I would listen to him in the debates and in interviews and he was the only candidate who had any REAL solutions. It was then that I understood why we needed to adhere to a strict interpretation of the Constitution. Unfortunately, Dr. Paul did not get the Republican  nomination for President but I was relieved when he endorsed Chuck Baldwin for President. I became a supporter of Chuck Baldwin and the Constitution Party on July 12, 2008 at the Revolution March in Washington D.C.  Mr. Baldwin spoke right before Dr. Paul and I thought to myself: “If Ron Paul isn’t going to be President then I am definitely voting for Chuck Baldwin”. I am proud to say that I did vote for Chuck Baldwin on Election Day and even though he came up short I now have a home with the Constitution Party. As long as the Constitution Party continues to respect the values that are written in the Constitution I will be a lifelong supporter. 

Jason Hartsell

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Dan Peterson’s Story

Karen Murray : January 1, 2010 5:15 pm : Stand For The Constitution, Stand for the Constiution Story Archives

I always knew that government didn’t have good intentions but Ron Paul…really woke me up.  If you support the Federal  Reserve, the IRS, the Patriot Act, the Dept. of Homeland Security,if YOU support the  wars on terror and drugs YOU ARE AN ENEMY  of THE REPUBLIC of  THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!  Thanks, Constitution Party for all that you do for the Republic!

 Dan Peterson

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Doug Stewart’s Story

Karen Murray : September 24, 2009 5:11 pm : Stand For The Constitution, Stand for the Constiution Story Archives

Doug Stewart’s Story

George W. Bush had just been re-elected to a second term, but his remark, “the Constitution is nothing but a G.. D… piece of paper”, really turned me off, but I had not voted for a Democrat since I was compelled into the Kingdom of God on the evening of 8/19/85. 

Being a VA native and devotee of Southern history and heritage, though I went along for the ride after my conversion, I had always had a problem with “the Party of Lincoln”. Bush’s desire to expand the U.S. Empire abroad showed me what one of the big problems was. I began doing some research. 

Seeing the reprobate Democratic platform, especially where abortion and homosexuality were concerned, I knew I needed to select a third party. The Libertarian Party was eliminated because they’ll believe anything. More research showed me that the Constitution Party was tailor-made for me. I’ve now been a member for nearly five years, and am more politically active here than I ever was with the Republican Party.

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Jarad Miller’s Story

Karen Murray : September 11, 2009 5:08 pm : Stand For The Constitution, Stand for the Constiution Story Archives

I am 18 years old. My parents are die-hard Republicans. It was going to be my turn to vote so I started researching the parties. I discovered that the Democrats and or Liberals want to hold office for nothing more than power and prestige. While the Republicans have lost the values that they used to stand for. I call these parties a “no value” party because of their views and thoughts. I then ran into the Constitution Party while researching the others. I agreed mostly with the Constitution Partie’s platform more than any other. I decided that I will not be a Democrat or Republican but a Constitutionalist!

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Mitchell P. Gill’s Story

Karen Murray : July 4, 2009 5:05 pm : Stand For The Constitution, Stand for the Constiution Story Archives

I have always believed that joining and voting for a third party was a wasted vote. I believed that someone who was more like Ronald Reagan would eventually lead the Republican Party back in the right direction. I have always voted but this last Presidential election I was not sure who would hurt the country less; a rather pathetic way to look at a decision as important as it was. 

I have always been patriotic. I supported the troops who went to Vietnam, joined the USAF in 1976 and served 11 years. After a 17 year break, 9/11 and a President I believed in, I rejoined the military at the age of 48 and served a tour in Iraq. Upon my return some of my friends were serving on the border. Their stories of how they carried weapons with no ammo, the illegal’s, once they found out, would run right past our troops and the border fence that barely got started, upset me and I became cynical of my own President. 

The major changes in me occurred when President Obama was elected and began moving us closer and closer to Socialism or Fascism. But the nail in the coffin was the silence from my party and watching my Congressman (Dave Reichert) vote for Cap and Trade. 

I raised my hand just like the President, members of the Senate and the House that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic! Unfortunately I do not feel that my President nor either party is honoring that oath. 

I have therefore resigned from the Republican Party and joined the Constitution Party. This party represents my values and beliefs and I firmly believe that as we sink deeper and deeper, more Democrats and Republicans will become disillusioned and join the Constitution Party. 

I have digitally signed my name in large font in the event that my email is posted. Though I do not dare to compare myself to John Hancock, I do want to insure that those that choose to destroy the principles that so many of us bled and died for, can see my name very clearly. 

Signed without reservation,

Mitchell P. Gill

Operations NCO

 WA Army National Guard

 Camp Murray, WA 9

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Jon Aldrich’s Story

Karen Murray : June 17, 2009 5:03 pm : Stand For The Constitution, Stand for the Constiution Story Archives

I had had enough when the republicans announced John McCain as their candidate. I asked myself how can there be two democrats for president, but no republican? That’s when I realized we are living in a oligarchy!!

Jon Aldrich

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Barry Newell’s Story

Karen Murray : June 1, 2009 4:58 pm : Stand For The Constitution, Stand for the Constiution Story Archives

It wasn’t until after I came home from Iraq that I got involved with politics and it was then that I chose to follow the Constitution instead of instead of politicians.  After seeing our government swell and abuses against the Constitution continue, I decided to change over to the Constitution Party.  Today, I see the Republican Party and Democrat Party as two sides of the same coin. They share the same rotten core. 

Barry E. Newell

 SGT, TUAS Operations NCO, A Co, 116th BSTB

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