Randall Stufflebeam

Illinois, 2018


During the 22 years in the Marine Corps and having traveled the globe, I developed a deep abiding respect and gratitude for our country and the system of government that our Founding Fathers made great personal sacrifices to give us.

In November, 2003, I found a home in the Constitution Party. I found that the platform of the Constitution Party defined the very values that I and my family had always embraced and believed in.

After many more conversations with the people who were organizing the Constitution Party here in Illinois, I agreed I would help to organize the party. On January 30, 2004, I was elected as the Vice-Chairman. In January 2005, I became the Chairman of the state party and filled that role until March 13, 2010. From July, 2006 until April 2012, I have served as Chairman of the Constitution Party’s Midwestern United States Region, which includes 12 states.

In 2006, after being denied ballot access, I ran for Governor of Illinois as a write-in candidate. On November 7, 2006, I received 19,020 officially recorded votes, smashing the previous record set by Ralph Nader in 2004.

In 2010, I ran for the U.S. Senate. We delivered over 34,000 signatures covering a requirement of 25,000 signatures. The Republicans objected to over 17,000 signatures. In the end, the Republican Party spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars and kept us off the ballot by 65 signatures.

In 2012, I ran for Chairman of the National Constitution Party. I was not elected as Chairman, but was elected as Vice-Chairman of the party.

I was also elected as the 2nd-Vice-Chairman of the Constitution Party of Illinois in 2012.

I am a charter member as well as being a member of the board of the Veteran’s Coalition, which is an official extension of the Constitution Party focused on bringing veterans on board to help us save our nation.