State & Local Candidates

Dr. Bill Bledsoe

State House of Representatives, 5th Congressional District — Special Election
South Carolina, 2017

Bill Bledsoe has owned a corporation for over 35 years, creating jobs and building his community. He is an outsider to government, being a manager instead of a politician.

Managers are trained to empower their employees by making sure they have everything they need to do their jobs. Whereas politicians see government as a candy store to give out free candy. Bill Bledsoe can fix this broken corporation because he is a lifetime manager like President Trump.

President Trump did more in his first week as President, than the last 5 presidents did in their full terms. This is because President Trump is a lifetime manager. He knows his job is to work for the people and to empower them. He looks at government as a business, not a candy store giving out free candy.

Matt Riccardi

Matt Riccardi
Governor - Special Election
New Jersey, 2017

Matt Riccardi is running for Governor of New Jersey. He is a bright, young, charismatic Christian, Marine, husband to beautiful wife Ashley, and father of three.

Matt’s choice to run for Governor has come solely on behalf of his desire to first and foremost fix the failed system of corruption and to work to produce a future of honesty and integrity where common people can thrive and live the American Dream in safety and prosperity. He is dedicated to his belief in the Constitution and the principles of the Founding Fathers who believed in checks and balances and a government that would be For the People not against them. While the Parties rage and spend tens of millions to earn your vote, Matt will remain devoted to putting the money where it belongs—in the taxpayers pockets! As NJ continues to march toward the most infamous accolade nationwide—being the worst place to live in America—Riccardi 4 Governor vows to escort the People back to Trenton and the Corrupticians out! Please Join the R4NJ ARMY today and get on board the Train as we charge full steam ahead and finally…
Put New Jersey First For Once!