General Donation

A General Donation is one in which you leave the decision of where to apply the funds to the discretion of the National Party

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Ballot Access

Donations for Ballot Access will be applied strategically to gaining ballot access for the Party.

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Any funds received in the Advertising category will be applied to Print, TV, Radio, Digital, or other forms of advertising.

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Social Media

Any donations to Social Media will be utilized to improve our Social Media presence, whether in advertising, website development, etc.

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National Committee Dues

National Committee Dues are paid by individuals who are state appointed delegates in order to vote on Party issues at National Committee Meetings and Conventions.

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State Assessment

State Assessment fees are paid from State Parties annually for purposes of affiliation and an increased number of delegates at National Committee Meetings and Conventions.

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The Howard Phillips Legacy Society

This is an open invitation to join the Howard Phillips Legacy Society and become a special investor in The Constitution Party Victory Fund.

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