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When Will Patriots Retake Our Cities?

Friend — I’m a Notary Public. I meet all kinds of people, every day, from all over the country. I like meeting them because I like to hear people’s stories. Today, I met a very interesting woman. She’s originally from Texas but had been living in California for an extended period of time before retiring more »

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The Hidden Threat

Friend– Donations are rolling in, faster and stronger with each conversation we have. And we of the Constitution Party could not be more grateful. Your gifts make it possible for us to not only continue to fight for Liberty, Integrity, and Prosperity but to expand our operations and march onward towards the restoration of our more »

The Weapon of Our Enemies

This message is going to be a long one. But it’s critical that you read through to the end to understand the depth of the danger facing our civilization. If these words speak to you and if in your heart of hearts, you agree, then be sure to share this article with friends, family and more »

Venezuelan Invasion Threatens the USA

Friend — At this point, it should be as plain as day that the situation shaping up in Venezuela is America’s version of the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe (Islamic invasion of Europe). Europe has endured wave after wave of “refugees” crossing the Mediterranean or walking through the Middle East and Eastern Europe to reach more »

So, Is the New Zealand Attack so Bad?

Friend — Please share this content far and wide. We are entering an era of unprecedented danger. The only way out is to grow our numbers to counter the attacks being levied against our freedom. With election season already beginning, we need Constitutionist candidates to step forth and throw their hat in the ring. Be more »

Introduction to a Reformed Millennial

A Message From Your Digital Paul Revere Several members of the Constitution Party’s mailing list have expressed curiosity as to who I am. It’s a fair question, and so I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my experiences, and why I am writing for the Constitution Party. I strongly encourage all patriots more »