You May Not Like This Newsletter

AmericanConstitutionist1 From time to time we simply must lay it out straight.

In this month’s newsletter I have written a synopsis of each Republican and Democrat candidate for president — I give positive and negative points to consider.

Needless to say, all fall far from any measure of the Constitution. However, I wrote this because occasionally I hear from a good Constitution Party member who says all warts aside, I like this politician or that politician. Principles — warts? — aren’t put aside in politics. If that were true, why even have a Constitution Party?

There may be some toes stepped on in the exposé of conservative PACs and patriotic charities. I found it an eye-opener. That’s found on page four.

Finally, I draw your attention to the announcement that at our National Nominating Convention is Salt lake City, April 15-17, there are display booths available for those who want to sell items to our most active and dedicated members. Please contact Peter Gemma for specifics at

Also, our 2016 Presidential ticket will be launched from Salt lake City. Our convention will be a top class affair and we fully expect media coverage. Your gift of $50 or even $20 to help underwrite this all-important meeting is a wise investment that will bring back dividends right through election day.

Frank Fluckiger
National Chairman