Why Did I Leave The GOP?

Why Did I Leave the GOP

– by Bob Haran (Chairman, Constitution Party of Arizona) –

Almost every time I meet a Republican who knew me as a GOP party stalwart, I’m asked, Bob, “why did you leave the Republican Party.” My very short answer is, “the Republican Party stands for nothing except winning elections at all cost.”

Winning an election is easy if you have the resources and a attractive candidate who is willing to put politics before principle.

The secret formula for a successful political campaign is easy, just find out what the people want to hear and then tell the people what they want to hear. Modern polling and data analysis has made it possible to not only tell the majority what they want to hear but to tell the individual voter what they want to hear. You can tell the pro-life voter you believe in the sanctity of life and their pro-choice neighbor that you believe in a woman’s right to control her own body and get both their votes.

Getting the resources to win an election is not that hard either, just approach those with the money to finance a campaign, such as lobbyist and business interest political action committees, (PAC’s), let them know you are running and you would like their advice on issues affecting their respective industries, then ask for a contribution, and you will have your resources to tell the voters what they want to hear via very slick advertising. The Republican Party, because they stand for nothing, have becomes masters of this method of winning elections.

The problem with the GOP as a political party is that it is not run like a political party, with power coming from the grassroots up, but more like a corporation with power coming from the stock holders, the special business interests making the big contributions, down. The Republican National Committee goes so far as to issue “talking points,” or directives, to the party faithful, telling them to change positions on certain issues, like immigration, to do what is in the parties best interest in order to win.

In reality, the GOP is nothing more then a giant public relations firm carrying out the will of their big money customers, they really should be called GOP Inc, and their symbol should be “$.”

Now you know why I had to leave the Republican Party and joined the Constitution Party, a party of the people that puts God and country before party and politics, a real political party representing the American people with power coming from the grassroots up and not the other way around. Our ideology is easy to understand, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, a real political party that doesn’t sacrifice it’s principles for political expediency.

Now I have a question for my patriotic friends in the Republican Party, why are you still supporting GOP Inc?

For God and country…