Announcing our NEW Website!

Karen Murray : December 9, 2013 1:02 pm : Home, Message from the Chairman
Announcing our New Website!
Frank Fluckiger, National Executive Committee Chairman
Frank 1
Congratulations, you did it!
Through your investments and encouragement — and thanks to some very dedicated volunteers — we now have a brand new website. I think it’s pleasing to the eye, affords readers lots of opportunities to explore who we are and what we stand for, and is the perfect tool to recruit active members.
There are still some ongoing tweaks and changes, but I think you’ll agree that our website is a big step forward.

And indeed progress is at hand: in less than a year, voter registration for the Constitution Party of Alaska has increased 73 percent; we recently elected a new city councilman in Utah, and the New Mexico Supreme Court just gave the Secretary of State until December 14 to respond to the New Mexico CP law suit aimed at overturning the decision that strips our state affiliate from ballot access.

On the new website, I urge you to scroll through the articles listed, including a brief history of third parties … illegal aliens and crime rates … and the inspiring video of the address by Jim Noorlander, a Utah Congressional candidate, at the recent Constitution Party National Committee Meeting in Denver.
The new webpage will now be updated frequently with articles and links – issues of concern to liberty-loving patriots. These will help you drive traffic to the website as you share the information with friends and allies.
So I’m asking you to make this successful step forward have even more of an impact.
  1. Please forward the link with a note: “Here’s the Constitution Party’s new website — it’s still under construction but I think you’ll see why I’m involved. Check it out regularly.”
  2. Post it on your Facebook page — and on those Facebook pages you think it would be appropriate.
  3. Use Twitter and other social media to send out the address.
  4. Continue your financial support of the Constitution Party – we have invested hard-earned resources here, and there will continue to be ongoing expenses, so a gift of $20 or $30 or even $50 will be much appreciated.
You can be proud of the progress we’re making — you are very much a part of this liberty movement we call the Constitution Party.
Please be generous with a contribution of $25 or even $15 — and I hope to hear from you soon.

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