Constitution Party Ballot Access Plan

Karen Murray : September 18, 2013 4:48 pm : CP News Briefs, Home, Message from the Chairman

Frank Fluckiger – Chairman, National Executive Committee

Ballot Access The Constitution Party is embarking on an ambitious plan to qualify our party on a number of state ballots across the country. The first step is a law suit that will overturn the New Mexico Secretary of State’s arbitrary ruling that our party does not deserve ballot status — even though, for the past 17 years, her predecessors have sustained the practice that minor parties do qualify under certain conditions. Our affiliate certainly does, and we are taking her to court to make her recognize that fact. We are convening a National Committee convention in a couple of weeks, and next year’s budget is first on the agenda. Recruiting and training candidates and campaign personnel, attaining ballot status, strengthening existing state party organizations and establishing new ones, updating our website, publishing new recruitment tools … those are just some of what the Constitution Party faces as a financial challenge.

However, right now we have ongoing expenses that must be met before we go any further.

That’s why I must ask for your help. You see, the party needs just about $2200 before the end of the month to break even — sound business practice means we should have additional monies set aside to begin October’s activities.

Will you pitch-in and help right away? May I count on your gift of $100 or even $25?  There are only eleven days left in September, and I am responsible for bringing in enough to take us through the month plus get a good start on October’s work.

Your investment is vital right now — $50, $30, even $20 is needed to keep us from going in the red. As Constitutionalists, we demand the government stay in the black so we must maintain that same standard when it comes to party activities.

I would not ask with this sense of urgency, but unless we can make the deadline some of our important work will have to be delayed. I don’t want to do that and I know you don’t either.

Please be generous by sending a donation of $20, $30, $50 or even $500 right away.

And one more thing: whether you can give now or not, please know how grateful I am for all your hard work in standing for liberty and freedom as defined the Founding Fathers.

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