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swehes : June 25, 2013 3:51 pm : CP News Briefs, Message from the Chairman

Frank Fluckiger – Chairman, National Executive Committee

Frank 1 Two very significant events occurred during the past month that will be of special interest to our party members.  There was a special election to fill a vacancy in Missouri’s Eighth Congressional District. In addition to the two major party nominees, both the Libertarian and the Constitution Party fielded candidates, and there were also four write in candidates. Our CP candidate, Doug Enyart, worked hard and was included in the debates with the Republican, Democratic and Libertarian candidates.

Doug is a small business owner in his District and represented the party well. Doug came in third of the eight candidates, more than doubling the votes received by the Libertarian Party nominee. The tally was: 17, 203 votes (27.4%) for the Democrats, the Republican candidate received 42,145 votes (67.1%), Doug Enyart earned 2,265 votes (3.6%), and there were 968 ballots cast for the Libertarians (1.5%). The four write in candidates received a total of 182 votes (0.2%).  In 1998, we had a candidate for State Senate in that District who garnered 12% of the vote. This is the first time a CPer has run for any office in the District since then. Doug Enyart did best in his own county – 19.2% – which means he could do well campaigning as a State Representative. Doug’s respectable third place finish followed a pattern we have observed in other states where our party is organizing at the grass roots. We find that where we are able to get our message out to the public we draw votes from people who would otherwise not vote or from conservative voters who sometimes vote Libertarian as a protest, but who will definitely vote for a Constitution Party candidate if given the choice.

This has been especially true in the western states of Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. Attracting good quality candidates and then being able to get our message out has been the key to our success. Even in the 2008 presidential race where we were able to better convey our message, Chuck Baldwin out polled the Libertarian candidate Bob Barr in Utah, Idaho, Alaska, South Dakota, Oregon, Nebraska, and Mississippi. Our challenge is to get on more state ballots, with good quality candidates and to become more effective in communicating or message to the public. Doug Enyart and the Missouri party are to be commended for the impressive job that they did.

Wyoming is the next battleground where the Constitution Party had a stake. There was effort to place a referendum on the state ballot to repeal legislation designed to strip school administration responsibilities from elected Superintendent of Education of Public Education and empower a gubernatorial appointee instead. The newly-organized Wyoming CP has only 285 registered voters, and yet in less than 70 days they were able to gather 21,991 of the 37,606 required signatures to get the issue on the 2014 general election ballot. By the end of the drive there more than 300 people gathering signatures all on a volunteer basis. The party not only gained wide coverage in the news media, but also picked up significant numbers of new party supporters in the process.  Petitioners were active in every single county in the state.  State Chairman Jennifer Young and her fellow party supporters are to be highly commended for the tremendous job they did in such a short time.  We will learn more about how they were able to accomplish all this at the September National Committee meeting in Denver.

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