The David Graves Story

The David Graves Story

– by David Graves (Cleves, Ohio) –

I have always been politically conservative, but never really wanted to align with a party. I usually favored the Republican choice for President unless there was a good independant running. I just thought that any Republican is gotta be better than a Democrat, so regardless if I liked a candidate, I would vote for the lesser of two evils. 

It was only after the GOP chose guys like Romney, Guliani, and McCain as their ’”best choices”, that I realized we were in trouble!! 

When they bypassed true conservatives like Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul, and chose McCain to lead them, i could not support them. I watched as the so called conservatives made fun of and trashed Ron Paul and his supporters, and then when it came down to Obama and McCAIN, I chose Chuck Baldwin because I had to vote my conscience and not for who the establishment told me to vote for. 

I thank God that i have a true third party option now in the Constitution Party, instead of selling out to Party politics!! No more towing the red and blue lines for me now, at least on a national level anyway. 

God bless.