Sweet Land of Liberty – or – It Can’t Happen Here!

by Jack McLain – Constitution Party of Florida

joseguerenamarineWe sing and speak of our “Sweet land of liberty” and “Let freedom ring,” while daily this sweet liberty is being taken from us and many seem scarcely to notice, much less to show opposition. It seems that so long as shameful events have not happened to us or our families, or as long as these events are infrequent, that we can easily forget them.
We write this Part II to remind Americans that somehow we must take a stand to put a stop to government sponsored killing, as well as imprisonment, of our citizens for undue causes. As reported in Viewpoint last week, 26-year-old Marine Jose Guerena of Tucson, Arizona, who served two tours in Iraq, father of two, resting in his bed after a 12-hour night shift in a mine, was awakened by his wife at 9:30 am when men appeared at the window pointing a gun at her. Jose reached for his gun, but after a brief knock at the door, a SWAT team broke down the door and, seeing Jose with a gun (the safety of which was still on), fired 71 rounds at him, 60 bullets striking Guerena.
Sponsoring a rally in Tucson opposing this tragic event, Oath Keepers’ Stewart Rhodes stated that Guerena had no criminal record, and that, “The only justification given by the Sheriff’s spokesman for using SWAT to serve the warrant was that it was a search warrant in a narcotic conspiracy investigation (with three other homes searched in the same neighborhood), and that this is their policy when the home-owner may be armed.”
Further, Rhodes wrote, “This policy of using SWAT to serve mere search warrants on people with no violent criminal history will lead to more deaths of veterans and other trained American gun owners…We must take a stand…and that stand must be a firm one…Many street criminals now impersonate police when they do home invasions…a receipe for disaster and death every time…an apparent home invasion. What would you have done? You will die for simply defending your home!”
Friends, we are in a battle to preserve our God-given rights, the very rights assured us in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Fourth Amendment reads: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”
Notice the terms “secure” and “unreasonable.” Americans are no longer “secure” when a team of armed men can crash down the door of their home. This certainly constitutes an “unreasonable” search regardless of whether or not a search warrant was issued. To murder a man with multiple bullets who had not even fired one shot, is a shameful act performed in the name of a government gone out of control. Should this happen in our American Republic?! Only if Americans let it happen!!!
There are questions that must be answered satisfactorily to the family of Jose Guerena and to all Americans:
1. Is it necessary to use a team of fully armed men simply to deliver a search warrant to a homeowner who has no criminal record?
2. Is it necessary to point a threatening gun at a fearful unarmed mother at her window?
3. Is it necessary to tear down the door of a homeowner who did not immediately respond?
4. Is it necessary to use a non-criminal for target practice (a barbarian act) simply because he had a gun in his hand to protect his home from unknown men?
5. Would it not be sufficient to simply immobolize such a person with one non-lethal shot rather than to kill him?
6. Would it not seem true that such a team of officers live not only in fear, but also pride themselves in gunning down victims who have not been proven dangerous? What kind of men would perform such acts?
7. Are Americans now considered guilty before having an opportunity to be proven innocent?
8. Are innocent Americans to live in fear not only of increased criminal assaults, but also from deadly assaults by uniformed “protectors of the people?”
9. Do members of such a SWAT team ever consider for a moment the terrible trauma that would linger in the lives of a wife, mother, and children after multiple shots were fired in their home at husband and father?
10. Is a man’s home no longer his “castle?” Have we already gone the way of many totalitarian countries in the world?
11. Will truth prevail in the investigation of this terrible tragedy, or will there be a cover-up of the facts and attending black-out or bias of the media?
Our Plea: Please do not simply read such facts as above and Part I (6/7/11) and not consider seriously what is happening in our beloved country—and that it could happen to your family! Please consider WHAT CAN I DO? to turn our country to righteousness and truth before it is too late and we have no freedom even to speak out against evil. Prayer is extremely important, but we must also put feet to our prayers. The Constitution Party of Florida, as affiliated with the Constitution Party national, is dedicated to that purpose. We take a steadfast stand for God and Country—www.cpflorida.com
“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not” (Galatians 6:9).