My Story: Jay Miklovic

I was very much a Republican for the first 9 years after being able to vote (I am 28 now). The Republican party has masqueraded as conservative but then turned their backs on everything that conservatism represents, especially when it comes to fiscal conservatism. In this past election cycle all I kept hearing from Republicans was that I had to vote for McCain to keep Obama out of office because of what he (Obama) represents. The entire drive to get me to vote for McCain was based on fear of the other guy. So I looked into past elections and realized that it was the same tactic in the last 2 election cycles and it left me feeling really annoyed with the party.

Why should I vote based on fear? That is what oppressed people do! America is not supposed to be the land of a fear driven oppressed people. We do not put people in power for fear of certain consequences of not voting for them. We are not an oppressed people! I began looking into the Libertarian party which did not look too bad except I perceived the party to be proud of their stances on prostitution, legalized drugs… as well as abortion. The Constitution Party seemed to be a good fit for me. I voted and felt entirely comfortable with my vote. I left the polling place knowing that I voted for the candidate that represented me more closely than the others, and that my vote was not cast out of fear or manipulation.

Warm Regards,

Jay Miklovic

 Director of Youth Ministry

 Maumeee United Methodist Church

 405 Sackett St. Maumee, OH 43537