Let Andy Ngo Be A Warning to the Free Peoples of the United States

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Friend —

So, did you catch the Democratic debates? I did. Want to know what stuck out to me? Well, there are a few things.

One, how many of the traitorous Democrats raised their hands when the moderator asked if they would provide universal healthcare to the invaders infecting our civilization through the southern border? Seriously. Go google the question.

Two, did you catch the traitors Cory Booker and “Beto” O’Rourke signaling their abandonment of our culture, language, and history by answering “debate” questions in Spanish? SPANISH. Is there anything wrong with speaking a second language? No. I speak multiple foreign languages myself. But this is NOT some South American underdeveloped country. This is The United States. This is an English-speaking country.

And third, the suggestion that the best way to solve the crisis at the border is to decriminalize illegal entry into the US. The reasoning given (and this is not an exaggeration) was that “if we decriminalize illegal entry, then they won’t be criminals and we won’t have to deport them.” I’m paraphrasing, but the message and meaning are clear. The rest of the Democratic field was in total, robotic agreement for the most part.


They are traitors. Plain and simple. These candidates have signaled to all that, should they gain the White House, they will dissolve the borders by decriminalizing unauthorized entry into the US, they will incentivize MORE of the invaders to come with promises of free universal healthcare should they successfully invade our land, and they will not defend our culture, language, or any other aspect of our civilization.

After all of this, I DARE any true patriot to say it’s racist for us to ARREST THE TRAITORS, DEPORT THE INVADERS, AND DEFEND OUR BORDERS.

At no other time in history has a nation so willingly sacrificed itself to people who hate it and want to see it wiped off the map. And make no mistake. These people invading North America from South and Central America ARE invaders. Even the argument that they are non-violent can easily be tossed out the window. Ninety percent of girls trafficked by the invaders in order to gain US sympathies are raped by the disgusting creatures that smuggle them up to our border. Most hard drugs that the US is awash in come by way of these invaders. They send their jungle Satanists (in the form of MS-13 and other narcotic cartels) with guns to rape and murder Americans. Let’s tally that up: Drugs = chemical warfare, MS-13 and other drug gangs = armed paramilitary forces, and the fact that so many of these invaders are dying trying to find sneaky ways in tells us that they KNOW they are coming illegally, which equates to forced penetration of our borders.


We should be defending our borders with lead. Secure the border and then push south to Mexico’s southern border in a joint military operation. Don’t build a wall. Make Mexico the wall. The mainstream news media tries to portray these invading peasants as noble refugees fleeing violence. Not a single one of the countries they are fleeing from is at war. There are no ethnic purges going on. No genocides. The closest to any of that is the crisis in Venezuela caused by the tyrannical socialists in charge there. Most of those coming are seeking to take advantage of the free gibs-me-dats (slang for welfare) being offered up by traitorous liberal progressives and their Neo-Con cohorts.

Let’s take that a step farther. Even if these people were healthy, well-educated people who could speak English, the fundamental truth is that THEY ARE DISLOYAL EVEN TO THEIR OWN COUNTRIES. Why would we expect them to be loyal to OUR country? Their countries are underdeveloped because they don’t work to make them better. Instead, they come here, they wave the flags of their homeland nations, they refuse to learn OUR language, they refuse to live life according to OUR values. They import their native cultures into our country, they take tens of billions of dollars in welfare, and then they call us racist.

The military won’t defend our borders. The president is wishy-washy on his promise to defend our border. Republicans won’t defend our border. Mexico certainly won’t do its part to seriously defend our border. What are we to do? Well, fellow patriots, read on.

The Founding Fathers in their splendorous wisdom gave us two answers.

First, they gave us the First Amendment, affirming our right to challenge the tyranny of bad government with our own superior ideas. However, the fascistic collusion of Big Tech oligarchs and the Cultural Marxists of the democratic party have ensured that our speech can be silenced, censored, and punished under the umbrella of “But muh private corporation”. These traitorous tech companies DO NOT BELIEVE in our fundamental rights. They have nothing but utter disdain for them, and they have the resources to silence them. The recently leaked emails, videos, and forum posts from within companies like Facebook, Google, and more prove this BEYOND A DOUBT. Now, Facebook is announcing its cryptocurrency called Libra in conjunction with numerous transnational corporations. This should be frightening to patriots everywhere.

Large multinational banks are stripping us of our ability to fund our lives by closing conservative bank accounts, refusing service to conservative organizations, and enforcing their corporate policy by pushing payment platforms (like Patreon and PayPal) to remove users they don’t like. They are silencing voices critical of the destruction of our sovereignty. They benefit from this by being able to import hordes of easily manipulated, uneducated people with zero background in our values as a civilization. They are encouraging this invasion of peasants from the third world. And they are doing it for their own gain, at our expense. Invaders from AFRICA are now turning up at our southern border! That is actually happening!

They have already shoved us into the corner of a cage, and now they are beginning to shut the door.

We do have recourse, however. The First Amendment isn’t the only gift bestowed upon us by the Founding Fathers. There is another amendment immediately following that one.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson the Wise, in his 1787 letter to William S. Smith…

the people cannot be all, and always, well informed – the part which is wrong […] will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. if they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. […] & what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? let them take arms – the remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them – what signify a few lives lost in a century or two? the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants – it is its natural fertilizer.Paris Nov. 13. 1787

The time for action is already upon us!

The power these traitorous psychopaths have over us is illusory. They know this, and that’s why they want to replace our people with easily manipulated third world imports. They do this by subverting the meaning of words, by filling conservatives with dread at being label “racist”, or any of the other pejoratives that they use to demonize us. They know that We the People are the sleeping giant in the immortal words of the famous WW2 Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. They know that if they push too hard, too fast, that they will “Awaken a sleeping giant, and fill it with a terrible resolve.” Well, fellow patriots, they have pushed too hard.

They have made it abundantly clear that We the People are their enemy. They have taken sides with the invaders. They have promised on national television to tear down the border and incentivized the hordes with promises of protection from the law and free healthcare. They realize they have pushed too far, and so they unleash their Antifa dogs to hospitalize citizen journalists who would publish the truth.

Just this weekend, an independent journalist named Andy Ngo was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage by Antifa thugs in Portland. They doused him in milkshakes laced with caustic acid. They attempted to blind him. Then they piled on by the dozens to kick and beat him as he lay helpless on the ground. They are escalating actual street violence to try to keep us silent.

Awaken, true patriots. Fill yourselves with a terrible resolve to take back our nation! Get on social media. Be loud, be proud of who you are. Wake up your friends, your neighbors. Share this message far and wide. This is a fight for the mind and the soul of our nation. If we lose those, then the psychopathic Cultural Marxists, their Antifa dogs, and their hordes of invaders will take this nation by force.

The time is not only coming. It is not a far-off, distant concept that is abstract to the common men and women of our land. The time is upon us. We, as a People, have only but to lift our eyes to see that it is devouring us alive. It mocks us with sharp-toothed, animalistic malice and dares us to resist.

The time to restore our Republic is well upon us. Restore it or forever be held in shame by your progeny. Inaction today ensures that this country will not exist for your grandchildren. The simplest action that most people can take is supporting the only political party in the United States that seeks to preserve and protect our way of life. This is not a call to violence. However, it is to say that violence is inevitable if this ship isn’t righted and the invaders dealt with. These invaders are a destabilizing force on our civilization. The Democrats know it. They count on it. The Neo-Cons that have lodged themselves in our government with the backing of transnational corporations don’t care. The responsibility falls on We the People.

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Resist or lose everything,

Digital Paul Revere

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