Jason Hartsell’s Story

My parents always voted Republican and it rubbed off on me. My attitude was: “If the Republicans do it then it must be good. If the Democrats do it then it must be bad”. At the time I had no idea how dangerous that way of thinking was. For a few years I just floated around the political spectrum not really fitting in with anybody – then came Ron Paul. I jumped on board the Ron Paul bandwagon in August of 2007. He was the only candidate that made any sense at all. I would listen to him in the debates and in interviews and he was the only candidate who had any REAL solutions. It was then that I understood why we needed to adhere to a strict interpretation of the Constitution. Unfortunately, Dr. Paul did not get the Republican  nomination for President but I was relieved when he endorsed Chuck Baldwin for President. I became a supporter of Chuck Baldwin and the Constitution Party on July 12, 2008 at the Revolution March in Washington D.C.  Mr. Baldwin spoke right before Dr. Paul and I thought to myself: “If Ron Paul isn’t going to be President then I am definitely voting for Chuck Baldwin”. I am proud to say that I did vote for Chuck Baldwin on Election Day and even though he came up short I now have a home with the Constitution Party. As long as the Constitution Party continues to respect the values that are written in the Constitution I will be a lifelong supporter. 

Jason Hartsell