Jack McLain’s Viewpoint: A Healtheir America – Part II – Conclusion

A Healthier America – Part II – Conclusion
3 December 2013
by Jack McLain – Constitution Party of Florida
jack mclain Many people speak of their “medications” and their “surgeries” today, but few seem very much interested in the prevention of ailments and diseases.  Christians and patriots should especially be interested in staying well in order to serve God and country to their utmost.  Further, there is a huge financial drain on Americans for treatment of sickness, and socialized medicine has come on as a plague upon our once-free people.

Hospital and testing costs are so incredibly high as to be almost unbelievable.  Knee and hip replacements and back surgeries are so common today as to be considered normal and expected.  At the cost of an entire house and lot of the past, I suppose most are covered by insurances.  Many spend multiplied thousands of dollars per year just to be covered for “possible” trouble.  What ever happened to prevention and prayer?  Further, recommended daily intake of wholesome foods, vitamins, minerals and herbs could save much sickness and expense down the road. 

There must be lots of money in flu shots that are so much promoted.  We never had a flu shot and thankfully never get the flu, but folks who have shots yearly will tell you how they still contracted flu.  Is there a lesson to be learned?

Some Americans tell us that they eat whatever they like.  It is well known that food processors deliberately make certain that their products “taste good.”  Yet when we examine the label we find ingredients that are often undesirable, unhealthy, or downright dangerous for human consumption.  Among the questionable ingredients are additives, preservatives and colorings.  Yet folks feed products even to their children with such materials as Red 40, a known carcinogen. 
Folks depend on the USDA to approve their food while government is not our benefactor, but generally our adversary.  One company added aluminum to their frozen pizza, only to make the claim that the USDA approved it.  Aluminum accumulates in the brain and is found in large quantities in Alzheimer fatalties.  America is actually importing some foods from Communist
China who long ago declared us to be their “worst enemy.”  USDA inspections of China imports range from one-half to one percent, while rejected shipments are known to turn away from our ports, out to sea, turn around and come back, with a 99% chance of not being inspected.  This falls in the range of American idiocy.  Communist Chinese fish and poultry are among the imports into America today.  It has been shown that their fish may well have been pulled from rivers that are even polluted with human waste.  Could Americans be so naive?  Do we check to see where products originate before we buy?
What is a healthy diet?  First, eight glasses of pure water are always recommended.  “Sodas are very poor substitutes for water.  One bottle of soda contains up to 12 spoonfuls of sugar as well as colorings and often caffeine.  The average American eats 125 pounds of sugar per year from sodas, candy, cake, and other sweets.  Excess sugar is very dangerous to arteries, heart, overweight, and can contribute to diabetes…Nutritionists tell us that the healthiest foods are raw fruits and vegetables. When our diet consists of mostly cooked foods much of the value of enzymes is lost.”  Recommended today are five or more servings per day each of fruits and vegetables. (Which Way America? Jack McLain, “A Healthy Outlook,” p. 111).
Americans, especially young people, love their hamburgers and French fries, hot dogs, and junk foods, as well as pie, cake and other sweets.  Yet these are some of the worst foods which may contain additives, preservatives and fats used in cooking.  Arteries are clogged and “brain foods” are lacking in many diets.  Autopsies of young men who died in Vietnam revealed arteries already clogged from past fatty food consumption. 
Obesity is a major concern in America.  Literature abounds and everywhere we see examples of men and women carrying surplus weight—thankfully, we see some in restaurant salad bars.  Many overweight folks already experience health problems.  Testimonies abound of folks losing weight ad regaining health:  “It just dawned on me that two and a half years ago I began the wonderful journey with you [Dr. Joel Fuhrman] to get my health back, and I did not just lose 100 pounds; I haven’t had a virus, cold, or flu bug since.  Considering that for over thirty years straight I could get a nasty case of bronchitis every winter and I’d cough like crazy for six weeks, this freedom truly is wonderful—in more ways than just preventing obesity, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.”  (Super Immunity, Joel Fuhrman, M.D., HarperOne, NY, 2011, p.1).
“When my child was 18 months old and suffering from his fourth ear infection and fourth course of antibiotics, my search for a better solution led me to Dr. Fuhrman.  After one visit, we changed my son’s diet according to Dr. Fuhrman’s instructions and Evan never suffered another ear infection.” (Ibid, p.175). 
In The Better Brain Book, David Perlmutter, M.D. FACN, writes, “If you want to perform at the highest levels and maintain a lifetime of optimal brain health, you must be vigilant about what you put on your plate.  It’s just as simple as that.  Nutrition is the most important tool for staying mentally and physically fit, and it is by far the most underutilized tool.” (Riverhead Books, NY, 2004, p.61).
Socialized medicine has been thrust upon Americans by a socialistic regime determined to destroy all that we hold dear, legal, and constitutional.  Health care costs will be imposed and regulated, taxes increased, fines imposed, and longevity of lives determined by government appointees.  These “navigators” will be entrusted with sensitive personal information and, according to the testimony of Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary, before the Senate Finance Committee, November 6, 2013, these navigators are not required to have background checks and it would be possible for even convicted felons to be appointed.
The Constitution Party must take every opportunity to defund and dismantle this all-inclusive and all-intrusive “Affordable Care Act.”  It provides for massive control of Americans through our lives and our demise.  Our States and National organizations, with the cooperation of our members, could mount a significant petition drive in this respect.  Such a drive, if well supported, could bring recognition to our Party as we seek to Restore Our Republic and get constitutionalists into office.  “The life you save may be your own.”
“And let us not be weary in well doing:  for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not”  (Galatians 6:9).