It Can’t Happen Here! — Or Can It?

“It Can’t Happen Here!” – Or Can It?

16 December 2013

Viewpoint by Jack McClain, Constitution Party of Florida

jack mclain

Well, friends, it is happening here!  What we expected for many years and have been warning against is surely coming to pass.  The enemies of our Constitution, our souls, and our freedoms have nearly everything in place to take us captive. 

You may think I’m just a pessimist and that we can ignore all the facts that engulf us but, believe me, my only hope now is in the Lord.  What we have been warning for several years is that we have a Marxist “president” who is determined to make us slaves to communism and he our master. 

It is happening!  He has been allowed to override our Constitution, to gain control of our Senate, to appoint leftist czars, rendering our courts ineffective, taking steps to take our guns, purging the military, perpetuating continual war, seeking to destroy our Christian heritage while favoring Islam, and making presidential orders the law of the land.

While Americans sleep and dedicated organizations are discredited, while citizens are brainwashed with limited and false information, while schools are infiltrated, while the media is complicit with all leftist programs, while Americans are entertained and many churches have become entertainment centers, while life seems to go on as usual, the curtains are being drawn on America.

Today we read that the military is being prepared to confiscate our guns which many thought were safely protected by the 2nd Amendment and which our forefathers believed could be needed to protect us from a tyrannical government.  Further, our Congress-empowered “president” is declaring that he will run for a third term by overriding the United States Constitution.  Excuse me, but when voters were foolish enough to vote a second term for a known Marxist with all his power showing, he will not need another election.  My friends, if Americans allow all these events to happen, “we are of all men most miserable!”

But, don’t you know, many will say, there will be a presidential election in 2016 and the Republicans are already getting prepared to overthrow this regime?  We are even being solicited to give funding to discredit Hillary in her bid for the Democratic nomination in 2016.  Are we so blinded that we cannot see the handwriting on the wall?  Unless Americans awaken from slumber (or deep sleep) there will be no further presidential elections.

Is it too late?  What can we do to stop this steamroller from destroying our every dream for our beloved country?  For years, we have been told that, “It isn’t too late.  America is strong and our foundations cannot be destroyed overnight.”  Last year I wrote a book, Which Way America? which I had hoped would help to awaken Americans.  I sold many copies and still have many more (for sale at cost).  I found that most Americans do not read much but are dependent on the biased and leftist media to teach and entertain them.  Many Americans believe that Washington and the White House are their benefactors and would never let them down. 

My book listed 20 things that Americans could yet do to help save us from communism.  Never has it been so urgent for our countrymen to be ACTIVE.  Many organizations tell us that all is needed is for us to send more money.  We must ask them how they will spend our money.  Faxes and e-mails alone to our lawmakers will not save our country. 

Why not run for political office or help someone you can fully trust to run for legislature or Congress?  Why not join the volunteers of the Constitution Party and work your legs off to defend our freedoms?  Why not read Americanist literature, and write, and talk, and pray?  Why not give up some fun, sports and recreation to help preserve our nation for our children and grandchildren?  What will you tell your children when your food and money are confiscated?  Where will you go if your home is taken or others are forcefully moved in with you?  Suppose your travel is restricted or curtailed?  No, it can’t happen here!  Wake up, my friend, it is already in the plans and most Americans still don’t believe it!

Finally, many Christians are certain that the Second Coming of our Savior is at hand.  This is called our “Blessed Hope,” and it surely is.  However, have they thought that our Lord is not obligated to return when we think he should to save America?  Has any nation ever been more deserving of judgment in the past and not seen judgment?  Think about it—and read, and pray, and work—“for the night is coming when no man can work.”  Have a Blessed and Joyful Christmas—“It’s OK to say, Merry Christmas.”

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice:  but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn” – Proverbs 29:2.