If Not the Constitution Party – Then Who? Harold Thompson’s Story

Since I joined the Constitution Party two years ago, my excitement level rises each day. The idea of being a part of a group of constitutionally minded people wanting to reduce and limit the Federal government to the size the Founders intended. The idea of being part of a party that, unlike other parties, actually believes in and stands for their principles.  

Having beliefs, standing for those beliefs and not compromising those beliefs for temporary gain is what makes the Constitution Party unique among American politics. We do not change, adjust or alter our beliefs due to focus group results, polling data or the desire to have the “powers that be and the media” like us. Our mission is to return America to small, limited constitutional government. We do not need or want a “cradle to grave” Federal government. 

 It seems to me that the very standards making us unique among political parties, our actual beliefs in a set of principles, is somehow viewed as a negative by many people. Why would standing up for your principles be anything but positive? My theory, people aren’t used to standing firm for much of anything in their lives.  

Therein may be the dilemma for so many Americans. Being unused to having firm beliefs, it is difficult to understand others who do have firm convictions. I once heard the most difficult decision most people make each day is what to eat for the next meal. We Americans have become too reluctant to make our own decisions. We are so “dumbed and numbed”, we are content to let “the government” make decisions for us.  

We live in the greatest country in the history of the world. Our constitutional republic is unique and has been replicated many times, but never duplicated. Why? The concept of liberty and freedom held by the Founders and woven into our Constitution. We are losing those concepts and if we do not wake up and change course, what we give away, our posterity may never regain.  

The Constitution Party believes in God, the sovereignty of our states, the principles of liberty and freedom and small Federal government. We believe in personal responsibility, low taxes, local control of our schools and local control of our governments. We do not need or want the folks in Washington, D.C. telling us how to live, what to eat, how to spend our money and what to buy with our money. Government is by, for and of the people. We, the people, need to start living up to our responsibilities. 

 I suppose if you are satisfied with the developments of the past many years, then continue voting the way you have voted. More taxes, more wars, higher gas prices, higher unemployment, government health care and more government intrusion into your life, the Democrats and Republicans will be happy to let you maintain the status quo.  

If you believe the sun is still rising on America; if you believe America is intrinsically good; if you believe America is still a shining example for the rest of the world; if you believe America gives its citizens the OPPORTUNITY for a life of freedom and liberty; it you believe that, in America, government is supposed to work for the people and not the other way around, then why aren’t you a member of the Constitution Party?  

There is literally a life and death struggle being waged every day in America. Sometimes in public view, often out of public view behind the scenes. It is a struggle being waged by ordinary people like you and me. Right now, the good people are battered, bruised and staggering but not defeated. No matter how this struggle ends, be it with more freedom or more tyranny, be assured you were a part of the outcome. You may say, “not me, I stay away from politics”. Guess what? You are still involved because you are either fighting for freedom or enabling tyranny. You are part of the solution or part of the problem. The choice is yours to make. The decision you make affects us all.  Be a freedom fighter. Preserve freedom for your children and grandchildren.  Join the Constitution Party today. We need your help.