I Need Your Help

by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman 30 June 2014

We are getting some good news lately, but not enough…and not fast enough.  Permit me to explain.

The advertisement above was tested on Facebook and Google.   More that 70,000 people saw it, resulting in thousands of likes, comments, and shares.   Many patriots went to our website to read and recommend the articles posted there.

Through the use of the Internet, our party shows steady progress.  However, I don’t think we can sustain that growth unless we increase our efforts many times over. It’s 2014, and much of the “business” of political action takes place on the web.  People read e-mails, see Google ads, read ad post on Facebook pages to keep up on campaign news.

The simple truth is your Constitution Party needs to hear from patriots who believe Internet advertising is key to politics.

I’d like you to be on of 100 people who will give $30; or one of 10 who will commit to $100…right away.

Read the ad and think about the impact of other ads showing our party is the only one that is 100% pro-life … or 100% against globalization … or 100% for ending the Fed … or 100% against illegal immigration. Please let me hear from you right away.

Your gift of $30 or $100 or even $15 is vital to our continued growth. P.S. There are only 127 days left  between now and when we go to the polls.  Please let me hear from you right away!