“There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”            John Adams

Everyone who joins the Constitution Party has experienced their own personal “Conversion” story,  the story of their personal paradigm shift away from the two party mindset that has stagnated American political thought, led this nation down the path towards globalism, and a loss of commitment to the principles that have made us uniquely American. A journal of these experiences is one way to share the good news with others. Yes, there is still hope for the re-establishment of the American Constitutional Republic and it lies in the hands of “We-the-People” who are committed to that ideal. Read the stories of those who have joined with us, then add your personal story in the comment form below.  Please keep the size of your story to 500 words or less.  All entries will be reviewed by the page editor and approved for posting at the editor’s discretion.  We look forward to reading why and how you “STAND FOR THE CONSTITUTION”!

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Faces of the Constitution Party: J.R. Myers, Alaska

J.R. Myers is the Alaska Constitution Party (ACP) founder and now three term state chairman, and was our party’s nominee for Alaska Governor last year.  He and his running mate, Maria Rensel, gained 2.5 percent of the vote in the more »

Reason I Joined the Constitution Party

Reason I Joined the Constitution Party – by Patricia Adams (Louisiana) – I am Patricia Adams and in 2010 I joined  CenLA Patriots, which is our local patriot group.   I’ve been to meetings, rallies, training sessions, made phone calls galore, more »

Why Did I Leave The GOP

Why Did I Leave the GOP – by Bob Haran (Chairman, Constitution Party of Arizona) – Almost every time I meet a Republican who knew me as a GOP party stalwart, I’m asked, Bob, “why did you leave the Republican more »

Why I Changed

Why I Changed  – by Jonathan Halt – I’m only 18 but watch the government closely. Neither Democrats nor Republicans are doing anything about the turmoil the current  presidency is sending us into. They are all selfish, greedy politicians that more »

The Thinking Needs to Change in D.C.

The Thinking Needs to Change in D.C. – by Terry Brier (Columbia County, Oregon) – I was involved in Scouting and met another Scout leader. We were at his house, with the kids and we had a good discussion about more »

I Made the Switch to the Constitution Party

I Made the Switch to the Constitution Party – by Rick Moreau (Connecticut) – After 40 years in the Republican Party, I finally made the switch to the Constitution Party and I feel great joining this rising political party, I more »

It’s a Statement about Me…

It’s A Statement About Me… – by Craig Mann (Constitution Party of Washington, Mason County Coordinator) –  When people ask me why I joined a political party that isn’t (yet) as big as the “Ds” or the “Rs”I tell them,  more »

Dear Marco Rubio, I am leaving the GOP

Dear Marco Rubio, I Am Leaving The GOP – 20 October 2013 – by Cindy Hill (new member, Constitution Party of Florida) – Dear Senator Rubio, I found your interview with Chris Wallace stunning. It is hard to believe that more »

The David Graves Story

The David Graves Story – by David Graves (Cleves, Ohio) – I have always been politically conservative, but never really wanted to align with a party. I usually favored the Republican choice for President unless there was a good independant more »

The John Charles Moran Story

The John Charles Moran Story – by John Charles Moran (Nashville, Tennessee) – I am from Nashville, Tennessee and graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in Political Science (focus on International Relations. I later obtained my Masters degree more »