“Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual – or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.” ~Samuel Adams





Jennifer Young, Wyoming Secretary of State

Jennifer Young is a grass-roots activist who has led the battle against Common Core in the state of Wyoming.  She is a home maker, grandmother, with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wyoming, where she studied Zoology/Physiology and Bio-medical Engineering.  She is a proven leader with experience serving in leadership positions with the Wyoming Constitution Party, Junior Chamber of Commerce, Search and Rescue, as well as spearheading and organizing over 300 volunteers in a recent petition drive to repeal Senate File 104 in her state. Read these articles about her campaign:

Cindy Hill Champion Launches Wyoming Secretary of State Run  

WY Constitution Party Candidate Receives GOP Endorsement  

Secretary of State Candidate Emphasizes Constitution, Statesmanship

Listen to an interview she did with Cynthia Davis on HOME FRONT: Jennifer Young – Running for Public Office 



David Lory VanDerBeek, Governor of Nevada

David Lory VanDerBeek is no stranger to Nevada politics.  In 2010 he ran for State Assembly and for the US Senate in 2012, both times as a member of the Nevada Independent American Party, the official affiliate of the national Constitution Party in the state of Nevada. Married with five children, he resides in Las Vegas, where he is a licensed professional marriage and family therapist.David’s top 5 platform priorities are:

  1. Restore Nevada lands to the people.
  2. Create a Nevada State Bank.
  3. A Multi-currency Free Market System.
  4. Stop all payments to the IRS from the State of Nevada.
  5. Replace and phase out all taxation.


J. R. Myers, Governor of Alaska

J. R. Myers has deep roots in Montana but has made his home in the Last Frontier State of Alaska. He has proven himself to be a natural leader in organizations ranging from the Board of Directors of the Great Falls (Montana) Native American Association and Health Clinic to the his current position as Chairman of the Alaska Counseling Association.  He currently resides in Haines, where he is a licensed professional counselor.  He holds two master’s degrees – one in Human Services and one in Professional Counseling, in addition to several other degrees and certificates. He is also the founding chairman of the Alaska Constitution Party. Among other things, J. R. supports:

  • A vigorous Defense of our Constitutional Legacy.
  • The Original Intent of the Second Amendment.
  • Eliminating the word “privilege” from Alaska Statutes.
  • Preserving and protecting the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend.
  • Strengthening the traditional family.


AL Mark Syck– Elmore County Sheriff NV David VanDerBeek – Governor
  Chris Sorrells – Marshall County Commissioner District 1   Mike Little – Lieutenant Governor
  Jimmy Hodges – Marshall County Coroner   Jonathan Hansen – Attorney General
  Lamar Neighbors – Elmore County Coroner   Kress K. Cave – State Treasurer
  AK J. R. Myers – Governor   Tom Jones – State Controller
Maria Rensel – Lieutenant Governor   Kamau Akil Bakari – US House District 1
Pam Goode – State Representative District 9 Janine Hansen – US House District 2
James Squyers – Delta/Greeley School Board Russell Best – US House District 3
Elizabeth Breuker – Delta/Greeley School Board   John Everhart – State Senate, District 16
  Cindy Koestler – Alaska Gateway School Board   Jon Kamerath – State Senate District 8
David Luntz – Deltana Community Cooperation Board of Directors Lou Baker – State Senate District 2
 CA Robert Newman – Governor  Timothy Fasano – State Assembly District 38
David Christensen – US House District 10   Howard Scheff – State Assembly District 42
 CO James Fariello – Adams County Sheriff   Alice Maimbourg – State Assembly District 2
Steve Henderson – Mesa County Assessor   Troy Warren – State Assembly District 12
  Doug Aden – State Senator District 1   Pat Little – State Assembly District 17
 ID  Paul Venable – Governor, Write-In   Leroy  T. Lalley – State Assembly District 22
David Hartigan – Lieutenant Governor   Albert G. Giordano, PhD – State Assembly District 39
  Christian Fioravanti – State Senate District 1   John Wagner – State Assembly District 40
  Raymond J. Writz – State Senate District 4   Brad Lee Barhill – Clark County Assessor
  Daniel S. Weston – State Representative B, District 20 Shannon MacLean – Clark County Recorder
 LA Randy Fontenot – Chief of Police,  City of Eunice   Lyal Darrell – Clark County Commissioner District F
 MI Karen Adams – State Board of Education   Cheryl Smith – Elko County Recorder
John D. Adams – State Board of Education Michael Smith – Elko County Public Administrator
Jeffrey Andring – State Senate District 17   Kay Dawn Jenkins – Elko County Treasurer
  Randy Bain – State Representative District 53   Randy McLean – Esmeralda County Assessor
  Robert Gale – Secretary of State   David Severns – Lincoln County Auditor
  Theodore Gerrard – State Representative District 73   John Roemer – Lyon County Commissioner District 5
  Ronald Graeser – US House District 2   Richard L. Osborne, Sr. – Nye County Commissioner District 5
  Richard A. Matkin – US Senate   Don Cochran – Washoe County Recorder
Shari Matkin – Wayne State University Board of Governors   John Lampros – White Pine County Commissioner District 1
Mark McFarlin – Governor PA Don John – US House District 9
Richard Mendoza – Lieutenant Governor Bob Pyle – Governor
William A. Mohr – State Representative District 76 Bob Goodrich – Lieutenant Governor
Carl Oehling – State Representative District 79 SD Wayne Schmidt – Public Utilities Commissioner
Charles Riley – Kent County Commissioner District 2 Lori Stacey – Secretary of State
Joe Sanger – University of Michigan Regent TN Shaun Crowell – Governor
Chris Schwartz – University of Michigan Regent Mark J. Rawles – US House District 8
Chris Schwartz – Dorr Township Park Commissioner Tim York – State Senate District 27
Robert Shirk – Muskegon County Commissioner District 2 Brad Nelson – Madison County Commissioner District 2, Position 2
Daryl Smith – State Representative District 2 Jacob Seth York – Madison County Commissioner District 2, Position 1
Marc Sosnowski – Wayne State University Board of Governors Brian Renfroe – Madison County Commissioner District 4, Position 3
Rick Strawcutter – US House District 7 Mike Warner – State House District 67
Brian Sumeracki – Macomb County Commissioner District 2 Steve Hilton – Gibson County Mayor
Lester Townsend – State Representative District 22 TX Michael Bishop – Governor
Jerry Van Sickle – Attorney General Gregg Woodcock – State Representative District 112
Crystal Van Sickle – MSU Trustee UT Shaun McCausland – US House District 2
Steven Young – MSU Trustee Collin Robert Simonsen – US House District 4
Steven Young – Allegan County Commissioner Gregory G. Hansen – Attorney General
George Zimmer – US House District 4 Kirk Pearson – State Senate District 17
 MN  Tim Utz – US House District 41-B Lee Phipps – State House District 1
 MO  Doug Enyart – US House District 8 Robert Moultrie – State House, District 20
 Rodney Farthing – State Auditor R. Glenn Stoneman – State House District 70
Jerry Dollar – State Representative District 115 Paul McCaullum – Milliard County Commissioner
 Michael Eberle – State Representative District 59 Marilee Roose – State House District 22
 Bill Gillmore – State Representative District 126 Jonathan Garrard – Tooele County Commissioner
 Donna Ivanovich – State Representative District 113 Ryan MacFarlane – Davis County Commissioner Seat B
 Butch Page – State Representative District 57 WI Randi Molini – Black River Falls Mayor
 Dan Plemons – State Representative District 54 Andrew Zuelke – State Treasurer
Cindy Redburn – State Representative District 96   Jerry Broitzman – Secretary of State
Joe Passanise – St. Louis County Executive WV  Phil Hudok – US Senate
  Richard McKie – Jackson County Legislator   Jeff Becker – House of Delegates 59th District
Michael Jared Plemons – Johnson County Presiding Commissioner Mike Fisher – State Senate 8th District
  Linda Cravens – Committeewoman, Cowan, Wayne County   Jeffrey-Frank Jarrell – State Senate 2nd District
  Jan Farthing – Committeewoman, Franklin, Dent County   Rick Bartlett – Preston County Commission
  Rod Farthing – Committeeman, Franklin, Dent County WY Jennifer Young – Secretary of State
  B.J. Jordan – Committeewoman, Couch, Oregon County  Rex C. Fritzler – Platte County Commissioner
  Connie Plemons-Committeewoman,Warrensburg, Johnson County  Bill Motley – Platte County Sheriff
Bruce Purdom – Committeeman, Logan, Wayne County    Joyce Collins – State Legislature 26th District
Linda Rutherford–Committeewoman,St. Michael, Madison County    Dr. Daniel Cummings – US House of Representatives
  Tim Rutherford – Committeeman, St. Michael, Madison County  
 NC David Waddell – US Senate  
 NM Michael Lunnon – McKinley County Sheriff  
 NY  Joe Gilbert – US House District 21  
   Donna Mulvihill – Governor

“If men of wisdom and knowledge, of moderation and temperance, of patience, fortitude and perseverance, of sobriety and true republican simplicity of manners, of zeal for the honour of the Supreme Being and the welfare of the commonwealth; if men possessed of these other excellent qualities are chosen to fill the seats of government, we may expect that our affairs will rest on a solid and permanent foundation.” ~Samuel Adams, letter to Elbridge Gerry, November 27, 1780