Virgil Goode: The only 2012 Presidential Candidate with a Voting Record which Demonstrates his Real Committment to the Second Amendment

by the Constitution Party

Virgil 1Virgil Goode is the only candidate for President in 2012 with a proven track record of support for the right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed in the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

He served from 1997-2009 in the United States House of Representatives. While in the House, Goode always scored an “A” rating with the NRA, Gun Owners of America (GOA) and other pro-second amendment groups.

During part of his tenure in the US Congress, Goode served as Co-Chair of the Second Amendment Caucus.

He was among the first to offer legislation to repeal the gun ban in the District of Columbia. Fortunately, the Supreme Court upheld the right of the individual to own and possess firearms in D.C.

Prior to going to Congress, Virgil Goode served for 23 years in the Virginia State Senate.

During those 23 years, Goode consistently received top ratings from the NRA, the GOA and other second Amendment supporters. He was the father of the Virginia Concealed Law, which stopped judicial discretion from barring women in certain localities from having a concealed weapon.

With the help of the NRA, the GOA and others, Goode was able to get the measure passed by the House, the Senate and signed by the Governor although many thought such legislation would never pass in Virginia.

Virgil Goode has a 35-year legislative record of consistently supporting the Second Amendment and the rights of gun owners, unlike Romney and Obama, who were given D- and F ratings, respectively, by the Gun Owners of America.

In fact, it may surprise some that Mitt Romney has been labeled the “the Gun Control Candidate” by The New Yorker Magazine.

In its July 24, 2012 issue, The New Yorker noted that Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign, the pro-gun-control group named for former White House press secretary Jim Brady said that, ”In their time in office, I would say with a pretty strong degree of certainty that Romney did more [for gun control than Obama].”

In 2004, as governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney signed a ban on assault weapons.

“Deadly assault weapons have no place in Massachusetts,” he said at the time. Romney also signed a law that raised the state’s gun-licensing fee to a hundred dollars, from twenty-five.

Virgil Goode is, himself, a gun owner.

When it comes to supporting gun rights and standing with his fellow gun owners to defend the Second Amendment, Virgil Goode is the real deal.

As President, Virgil Goode, unlike those of past administrations, will only appoint an Attorney General who is solidly pro-Second Amendment and supportive of gun owner’s constitutional rights to keep, possess, sell and exchange firearms.

Virgil Goode doesn’t just “talk the talk” at election time, he has consistently “walked the walk” on behalf of gunowners and for the Second Amendment freedoms of all Americans.

Romney, Obama and others may suddenly claim that they support gun rights, but it is important to look at the record, and the record clearly reveals that Virgil Goode is, by far, the best friend gun owners have on the Presidential ballot in 2012.

It’s really a matter of who you can trust, isn’t it?

Only one candidate shares your values. Only one candidate shares your views on the rights of gun owners. Only one candidate can be trusted to stand up for the Second Amendment after he is elected.

Only one candidate for President deserves your vote on November 6 . . . VIRGIL GOODE!