The Constitution was written to specifically define the powers granted (by the people)to the federal government. The powers enumerated in the Constitution, were set forth after grueling deliberation by the Framers who were living under the tyranny of British rule. The rights guaranteed under the Constitution dealt with basic rights that derive from “Natural Law” (i.e. God’s Law) and those basics don’t change over time regardless of how advanced technology or society becomes.

Natural law and unalienable rights are timeless.

The Founders knew that governments tend to become tyrannical if they have unchecked power which is why the basic freedoms of Life, Liberty and Property were codified as the framework of American liberty.

All of the rights mentioned in the Bill of Rights were specified because our Founding Fathers knew that each one would be necessary to reign in the central government. From freedom of speech, to the right to own guns, the right to a fair trial, the right not to be searched without a warrant, these enumerated guarantees stand the test of time because without each one, liberty would be compromised. Over the years the Constitution has been ignored and the problems our country faces are the direct result of allowing the federal government to have powers not granted to it by the Constitution. The question best asked is this: “Which amendment would you be willing to give up?”

The Constitution Party opposes an Article V Convention. We need to enforce and put into practice the Constitution according to the Original and Actual Intent of the Founders. Find out more about our position here.


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