Dear Marco Rubio, I am leaving the GOP

Dear Marco Rubio, I Am Leaving The GOP

– 20 October 2013

– by Cindy Hill (new member, Constitution Party of Florida) –

Dear Senator Rubio,

I found your interview with Chris Wallace stunning. It is hard to believe that just a couple of years ago I supported you, helped convince many of my friends to support you and sent you campaign contributions.

The Department of Homeland Security has bought 2 billion hollow point bullets and is focused on everyday Americans instead of middle-eastern terrorists coming across the open southern border along with the illegals who you want to give amnesty to. Washington was broke when you got elected and it’s even more broken today because this administration violates their constitutional oath of office with impunity.

You are supporting Mitch McConnell for continued republican minority leadership in the senate? The “clean” CR was just as dirty as the health care bill that Pelosi rammed down our throats. The deal that was cut to bribe McConnell to cooperate in ending the government shutdown, the billion dollar deal for Kentucky, has created a stench that reaches every corner of the country. I cannot stand the stench so emphatically, that I am leaving the republican party and instead joining the Constitution Party. What has kept me from doing this in the past is a fear of not having input in my government if I was not a member of one of the 2 major parties that have been set up for me. Well, that point is now moot as the republican party no longer represents me.

Senator Rubio, you do not represent me. You know what communism looks like and yet you are facilitating, not blocking, the marxist policies of this administration. I wonder who will work for you the next time you have a primary race to win? Not me.

I cannot stand to see my country destroyed by our very own elected officials – the nation which used to offer such opportunity for people like your family. You’ll have to stop including that in your speeches because we are rapidly becoming as bad as the third world countries others flee to come here. We have an evil dictator maintained by a corrupt government, using the national checkbook to facilitate perpetual corruption. For example, how many hundreds of millions was spent setting up the website for Obamacare, which is not functional after 3 years? HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS for only 500,000 people to apply for Obamacare? It would have been a lot simpler and less expensive for the taxpayers if Obama just bought all the applicants a high end private insurance policy.

Perhaps the only solution is to move to Egypt. Those people seem to know how to overthrow a corrupt government.