Constitutional Convention

Constitutional-Convention We affirm the original text of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We affirm that the nation’s Charter, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution contain the foundational law of the federal union. We condemn, therefore, all legislative, executive, and judicial action that departs from the texts and intent of the Charter and the Constitution and their original meaning.

We oppose any attempt to call for a Constitutional convention, for any purpose whatsoever, because it cannot be limited to any single issue, and such convention could seriously erode our Constitutionally protected unalienable rights.

Opposing Calls for a Constitution Article V Convention
Liberty Amendments and a Proposed Article V Convention – Are We Saving the Republic or Chasing a Vain Hope?
Proposed Article V Convention – Constitution Party Vice-chairman Randy Stufflebeam Offers A Counter Point-of-View
Home Front: Darrell Castle and Cynthia Davis Discuss an Article V Convention of the States.
 John Birch Society – Stop A Con-Con

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