Candidates Or Else!

Candidates or Else!
13 November 2013
by Jack McLain – Constitution Party of Florida
jack mclain At a recent meeting of the Constitution Party of Florida, I delivered a message that I believe was important and needs to be sent out to our State and National parties.  These matters are urgent enough that the title of my message was “Time Is Short!”  Perhaps not many folks believe that today, but it is all too true.  Excerpts from my message follow.
Future honest historians may portray the Constitution Party as a party that had everything in order that they needed to turn our country around, but failed to accomplish their purpose.  We have God and Life in our platform, constitutional doctrines, godly principles,  patriots, and excellent founding leadership.
After a good start, before long we were on the ballot in some 42 States.  But, as time went on, we never succeeded in involving people and finances to make a strong impact in America.  We often place the blame elsewhere, but in my humble opinion, many of our people have not understood that a political party must run numbers of candidates.  Howard Phillips stated it well:  “A political party without candidates is nothing more than a discussion group.” 
Few States, including Florida, have ever run numbers of candidates, simply because many patriots are not concerned enough to make the sacrifice to run for political office.  A political party is not just an educational organization where people come to listen to speakers, ask questions, make comments, and go home believing they have accomplished something special.  A political party puts people on the ballot!  Obviously, we will never get recognition if we’re not on the ballot and not making a noise out there.
Also, unwillingness on the part of Party people to give of their finances to help our vital cause has greatly hindered our success as a party.  No operation can be successful without funding.  Figures of American spending are staggering, including entertainment, sports, automobiles, gifts, junk food, animals, etc.   Why do patriots feel that they can live and spend just like anyone else while the left pours billions of dollars into ungodly, unAmerican, unconstitutional candidates and projects?  Maybe we don’t understand sacrifice.
Even before we’re on the ballot, voters need to be confronted by potential candidates out there getting signatures.  This is the first opportunity for candidates to practice boldness in meeting the public by simply asking them to sign to get them on the ballot.  Unwillingness to gather signatures, while paying the State to get on the ballot, as some do in Florida, wastes personal or party funds and hinders the candidate from meeting and greeting voters early.
We know that some folks do not consider themselves qualified to run for political office.  However, many could run for office if they really tried.  Moreover, many could help another person run for office in various ways—campaign manager, funding, fundraising, publicity, treasurer, secretary, visitation, phone calls, ballot access signature gathering, writing, etc.  A supporting spouse, friend, or family member is especially important to success.
Now I believe that we are nearing the end of the history of our Republic as we have known it, or the judgment of God, while most Americans remain unconcerned, unawake, or unwilling to take action.  Many cannot see the “signs of the times” for America.  Many do not realize that we have a socialist/communist leadership nationally who are determined to destroy our nation.  We must be willing to expose and oppose this treachery if we are to survive!
We don’t have a lifetime to teach and train prospective candidates.  Time is short.  We are not the “everlasting nation.”  Our nation is very quickly being converted into a socialistic one, with liberty and justice for all a thing of the past.
We have conducted Candidate Seminars in the past in Florida to encourage and train candidates and helpers.  A determined, educated, concerned, constitutionalist and patriot should be qualified to run for office.  He or she must know their Constitution and agree with the Party Platform.  We recommend most folks try for a lesser office to start rather than a higher one—they
might work up to a higher office later.
Some of the best training a patriot can get, as well as enlightening voters, is to be out running as a candidate:
        Meeting voters, making friends;
        Defending the Constitution;
        Debating issues;
        Opportunities to speak in candidate meetings that are held;
        Encouranging folks to vote—giving them “a reason to vote;”
        Assuring voters of your determination to vote constitutionally in office.
I do not believe our State Party will ever be significant in Florida unless and until we have a good number of volunteer candidates seeking election
Finally, our Party needs a petition, appeal, emphasis, focus, or objective such as:
        Impeachment of Obama;
        Expose and oppose Common Core education;
        Expose and oppose all aspects of Agenda 21;
        Support all efforts for Border Control and opposition to amnesty;
        Support nullification efforts (State support for 10th Amendment);
        Defund and repeal ObamaCare.
Such a focus taking the form of a petition collecting a multitude of signatures and making this appeal known to many personally and through website, e-mails, telephone, and the mails, seeking to get recognition by the media—especially smaller newspapers, local radio and television stations, and computer services.  Even if we should become controversial, we could bring attention to constitutional principles and gain support of some voters.  Petitioning and getting out literature is vital to success. 
Our Constitution Party must come out of the shadows and into the light.  As mentioned above, we must not think that we can accomplish much by essentially being a “discussion group.”  Certainly our time, talent, and treasure are crucial to the survival of our Republic!  Our prayer is that God will withhold judgment as we “put feet to our prayers.”
“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12).