Brian Terrill’s Story

After the reelection of George W. Bush and the Republicans began to control both houses of Congress, that’s when things changed, because nothing was getting done that Republicans promised would get done.

After I left the Republican party my belief that there was corruption in the party has been validated. How does the party of small government take a 3 trillion dollar dept and turn it into 9 trillion, just to turn around and bailout a bunch of elitists? By the time Barack Obama came around, and the Republicans started shouting “he’s a socialist don’t vote for him” it was too late, because the Republicans themselves were proven to be socialists. The Republicans today are the socialists of yesterday, the Democrats today are the Communists of yesterday. The only exception to this has been Ron Paul, and he has proven to be a major exception. But unfortunately too many Americans were too dependent on the government to want to vote for him.

Brian Terrill