America Is Worth Saving! — Part II

America Is Worth Saving! – Part II

~1 January 2014 ~

by Jack McLain,  Constitution Party of Florida Vice-chairman –

jack mclain At the time of the founding of our country, our forefathers often warned us of times that might come in which our very freedoms would be challenged and our new Republic would be threatened.  Their foresight was that of very wise men who had studied the history of nations.  Today, America is frequently referred to as a “democracy” which it never was.  Samuel Adams, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, stated:  “Democracy never lasts long.  It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself.”

Our nation is now threatened with decadent socialism while multitudes of people, citizens and non-citizen invaders, demand that federal and state governments should be their providers from birth to the grave.  If this trend is not contested and overturned, our constitutional republic will soon be on the scrap-heap of history.

We believe that America is worth saving!  We hope and pray that Christians and patriots will agree and that a great number will become active participants in the cause for survival of our national heritage in 2014.  We must realize that our voice does count.  Our actions count.  Our pen is mighty.  Our talents and treasures are accountable to God.  They are needed to be available by those in the front lines of the battle.  There is a battle for the souls of men and there is a battle for the future of our country.

We wrote of Dr. Hugh Pyle in Part 1 last week.  Now with the Lord, Hugh Pyle had a burden for the future of our nation dating back several decades.  The ills were great then, but they are much greater now.

Our government schools have decayed in both morality, discrediting of the Christian faith, and focus on worthless subject matter. Some are even promoting Islamic doctrines which teach the overthrow of all peoples who disagree with them.  Many churches have departed from the preaching of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and His salvation to the point where they are simply entertainment centers.  Our state and federal governments have become centers of staged controversy, compromise and spending far beyond their funding.

Is there hope for America?  Hugh Pyle writes that there must be “a climate of resistance against the floodtide of evil…We need to remind our people that our children and grandchildren are going to suffer immeasurably, if we sit back and let these things go.  If we do not move quickly, we may have no freedom left at all to protest anything!”  If it were urgent decades ago, how much more urgent today!  He suggests that, “This generation desperately needs the fear of God thrown into them again, for, ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’ ” (Proverbs 9:10).

Pyle wrote that, “The pastor will be the spearhead of this fight against sin in our country.  God called our people ‘sheep,’ and remember that sheep have to be led.  To quote Dr. Lee Roberson, ‘Everything rises and falls on leadership.’”  He wrote of a writing schedule whereby a church would be led to write on a certain subject at a certain time.  Certain people in a church may be good at organizing and writing to aid in providing an “avalanche” of letters “to flood the White House, Congress, State Legislatures, the FCC, and TV stations and networks until changes will be made!” 

He tells of victories in the past whereby multitudes of letters have influenced government and media.  Current examples of the forced socialization of America in need of urgent confrontation are:  ObamaCare, Common Core education, abortion support, and Agenda 21 with its shocking counterpart, Seven50.  These battles rage while many unaware Americans slumber and sleep.

And rather than just giving up on TV, Dr. Pyle suggests that raising objections to networks and sponsors has brought results in the past.  It is true in the present also.  For additional help, write Morality in Media, Inc., 1100 G Street, Washington, DC 20005, phone 202-393-7245.  Writing the networks, NBC-TV,;   CBS-TV,;  ABC-TV,,  as well as to Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th St. SW, Washington, DC 20536,  is recommended.

Summarizing, Dr. Hugh Pyle in his book, Let’s Start an Avalanche!  wrote:  “What Steps Should We Take?”

1.  Preach hard against sin and on the issues.  Alert the people.

2.  Organize thoroughly—select some good team captains to help.

3.  Tackle only one evil at a time in a letter-crusade.

4.  Give the people the names and addresses they need—post these publicly.

5.  Tell the people what to do.

6.  Have some sample letters they can follow for ideas.

7.  Keep records!  Make sure the letters are going out.

8.  Recognize those who are participating.

9.  Select crusades, cover them, start over again—don’t let the fight go down.

10.  Strive for 100% participation.

11.  Pray for our efforts and work for revival, remembering, “Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

12.  If you do not get church [or organization] cooperation, you can still send out your own letters.

AMERICA  IS  WORTH  SAVING!    Pyle wrote, “Let’s get started this week!”

Constitution Party members:  Please remember our goal to have a good number of Candidates on the 2014 ballot.  What part can you play in this urgent cause?  May we hear from you soon?