Alaskan Independence Party 25th Anniversary Resolution

by Constitution Party National Committee – June 2009 – Newark, New Jersey

Whereas, the Alaskan Independence Party has carried the banner of liberty, Constitutionally limited government, God-given individual rights and Tenth Amendment states rights as an officially recognized political party in the state of Alaska for twenty five years, having outlasted many other political organizations or movements; and
Whereas, the Alaskan Independence Party has elevated the political debate and enlightened the understanding of Alaskans through its proclaiming of the timeless principles of good government handed down to us by our nation’s founders, having shown by a truly Alaskan spirit of rugged individualism, that form of liberty that is grounded in personal responsibility; and
Whereas, the Alaskan Independence Party has been a friend and ally to the Constitution Party, having assisted or provided ballot access to every Presidential candidate of the Constitution Party since our party’s inception, thereby providing Alaskans a Constitutionally valid alternative and helping to bring the message of our shared cause to the attention of all Americans; and
Whereas, many faithful supporters of the Alaskan Independence Party have sacrificed much over these twenty five years, more than history will record, from its founder Joe Vogler to its current members and officers who follow in his footsteps, laboring tirelessly to defend the rights of Alaskans;
Therefore, be it resolved, that the Constitution Party National Committee hereby congratulates the Alaskan Independence Party on the momentous occasion of its twenty fifth anniversary and declares support for their continuing efforts to restore the rights and liberties of the citizens of America’s “Last Frontier” – we wish you continued success in the next twenty five years and trust that your best days are yet to come.