Message From the Chairman

Sweet, Sweet Victory in North Carolina!

  Our candidate for county commissioner in Green County North Carolina, Jerry Jones was elected to office on November 6th.  His election is remarkable since we had barely gotten on the ballot in that state for the first time ever earlier this year. The race was a two way race and Jerry received 3,241 votes more »

Thanks to Your Support, MORE Big Things Are Happening!

Just last week we received word from the Hawaii Secretary of State that the Constitution Party is now officially recognized as a ballot-qualified party in that state.  This is the first time ever that the Constitution Party has achieved ballot access in Hawaii in a mid-term election. The party completed the signature drive in mid-February, more »

The Chairman Addresses The “Theocracy” Accusation

I have become increasingly concerned with the comments on Facebook and other Internet sources that the majority of the national leadership of the Constitution Party and particularly members of the National Executive Committee are pursuing an agenda of promoting a theocratic government for our country. Though I can not speak for each person individually, I more »


Dear Fellow Patriots: The 2016 tumultuous and historic General Election is behind us and it has opened numerous doors of opportunity for the Constitution Party. Prior to election night, numerous critics of our party predicted that our presidential candidates would garner less that 100,000 votes. Thanks to many of our loyal Constitution Party workers and more »


What’s left for us to do? There’s 15 days of intense campaigning to reach the finish line. That’s why I’m writing to you: will you join me in pledging just $2.40 a day for 15 days? That’s $36, just enough to provide a vital — even urgent — boost for the Constitution Party. Please note: more »

A Victory is On the Way!

Dear Fellow Constitution Party Supporter: Exciting news from Pennsylvania this week!  The party is one step closer to a major ballot access victory in Pennsylvania.  A state court judge has issued an order giving the legislative body one week to act on a pending ballot access bill, reducing the required number of signatures from 21,775 more »

Special Message from the Castle 2016 Campaign

Dear Friends of Liberty, We are entering into critical weeks of our Ballot Access push and we’d like to introduce you to a new concept and tell you how you can play an active role in this year’s extraordinary presidential election. The extraordinary can happen, and the Constitution Party can help determine the future course of more »

See You in Salt Lake City!

1 April 2016 Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman It all comes down to this. The Constitution Party does a lot of things. We define what we stand for using the Constitution as our yardstick of measure and the writings of the Founding Fathers as a specific guide. From there we seek out and help organize state affiliates more »