Randy Stufflebeam, Midwestern States Regional Chairman

Mid-Western States Regional Chairman

Randall C. Stufflebeam

Randy is a retired Marine of over 22 years of active duty. In 2003, after witnessing the situation in Alabama, where the government removed a Supreme Court Chief Justice, he realized that both the Republicans and Democrats were complicit in betraying his service to his country. It was during that time that he discovered the Constitution Party and in January of 2004 helped organize the party in Illinois by becoming its Vice Chairman. In 2005, he became the chairman.

In 2006, Randy ran for governor of Illinois and was reduced to being a write-in candidate, where he broke the record for write-ins with 19,020 votes. Also, during that same year, he was appointed as the Chairman for the Midwestern Region, which included 12 states.

Randy was chairman of the Constitution Party from February of 2005 until March of 2010, when he focused full-time on campaign for the U.S. Senate, where the Republican Party spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars to keep in off that ballot, and after 1 board and two court cases, did so by 65 signatures out of the 25,000 required and nearly 38,000 delivered.

In 2012, Stufflebeam lost the race for national chair of the Constitution Party, but was elected as the National Vice-Chairman. He declined the nomination for Regional chair to focus at the national level. In March of 2014, Randy was re-elected as chairman of the state party and in April of 2016 was re-elected as chairman of the Midwestern Region.