25 is Now 18!

MESSAGE FROM CHAIRMAN Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman – 15 October 2014 –      Did you receive this? I want to make sure you understand the urgent situation we face. Please read my e-mail and take action. Dear Patriot, It’s more »

Why 25?

MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN Frank Fluckiger – 10 October 2014 – It’s 25 days until the election, and I urge you to invest $25 in the Constitution Party. Why? Our hard-working Alabama state chairman Joshua Cassity puts it this way, more »

Four Candidates for South Dakota Secretary of State Square-off

KSOO 1140 AM – 10 October 2014 –    In the only gathering of all four Secretary of State candidates on the election ballot in South Dakota, each stated their case to the voters for an election bid.   The more »

Why is Jerry Broitzman Running for Secretary of State?

THE CAP TIMES – 10 October 2014 –  MADISON — Why is Jerry Broitzman running for secretary of state? People have come up to me and asked this question either directly or indirectly, when what they really want to say more »

Do You Know Christian Fioravanti?

MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN Frank Fluckiger – 7 October 2014 –  Christian Fioravanti, running for State Senate in Idaho, is one of our many outstanding candidates for office this year. He is a successful entrepreneur, radio personality, and a tireless campaigner. more »

The Issue that Threatens to Unravel Both the Constitution and the GOP

THE WASHINGTON TIMES – 6 October 2014 –  With the 35-year marriage between Christians and the Republican Party already on the rocks, a U.S. Supreme Court with a majority of Republican appointees just put the religious liberty of every believer more »

West Virginia Public Broadcasting to Sponsor Second Televised U.S. Senate Debate

WEST VIRGINIA PUBLIC BROADCASTING – 3 October 2014 – West Virginia Public Broadcasting is planning to conduct a second televised debate later this month for West Virginia’s candidates for U.S. Senate. The date will be set depending on candidate availability more »

Constitution Party Supports Small Government, Biblical Principles

THE FRONTIERSMAN – 3 October 2014 – HAINES — If you’re looking for an expert in third-party campaigning, you could do a lot worse than J.R. Myers, the man running for governor on the Alaska Constitution Party ticket this November. more »

Happy Election Day! (This is not a typo.)

THE WASHINGTON POST – 29 September 2014 –  In one sense, election day is still over a month away, a few days after Halloween. But in another, more accurate sense, today is Election Day, as is tomorrow, as is every more »

Former GOP Alaska State Chairman joins Alaska Constitution Party

29 September 2014 Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman   I wanted you to be among the first to know of a big upset we’ve scored in Alaska. The former Republican Party state chairman has joined the Constitution Party and endorsed our more »