Constitution Party Nominates Don Blankenship and William Mohr

Constitution Party Nominates Don Blankenship and William Mohr

The Constitution Party held it’s National Convention on May 1 – 2,  The event was it’s first telephonic convention in its history, but the possibility of such a necessity had been prepared for in advance and  the mission of choosing the party standard bearers for the 2020 General Election was accomplished, selecting Don Blankenship of West Virginia as its nominee for President of the United States and Bill Mohr of Michigan for Vice President.


Don Blankenship


Don Blankenship

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My life, like most of yours, has had its ups and downs. My father and my mom each worked 80 to 90 hours per week, which taught me to be independent at a very early age.

As the saying goes, we were poor but didn’t know it. We had an outhouse that was nicer than the one most of our neighbors had. We always had shoes. My mom was a McCoy, although not directly related to those who feuded with the Hatfield’s in the hills of Kentucky where I was born.

My early years were occupied by baseball, pumping gasoline into coal miners’ cars at our family gas station, and watching Gunsmoke, Andy Griffith, Bonanza, Wagon Train, and Rawhide – that is, after we got our first television when I was seven years old. The town I lived in most of my first 18 years was Delorme, West Virginia, population of 400 at the time – now maybe 200.


My first six years of schooling was at Delorme grade school. It too had an outhouse, but the water system was better than at home. It had a hand pump, so you didn’t have to use a bucket to get the water out of the well.​​ 


The three things I remember most were the pot belly coal stove, the fact that you could only use two perforations of toilet paper, that there were six of us in my grade, and 36 total in six grades. I also remember that all thirty-six of us would line up outside the school most mornings to sing “God Bless America” and say the “Pledge of Allegiance.” Later, when I went to middle school/high school in Matewan, West Virginia, there were 700 students and 119 in my class. I remember being scared that I would get lost changing classes, but I never did. I managed to graduate second in my class. Although I​​ didn’t want to be, I was elected President of the student body — my first political experience. The school had steam radiator​​ … (Read More)


Bill​​ Mohr


William (Bill) Mohr was born in 1959 and raised in Byron Center, Michigan. ​​ He was one of six children, three sisters and two brothers. ​​ He is married to Cheryl and is a father to six​​ children, four step children and 18 grandchildren.


Bill has worked at a number of jobs over the years including over-the-road truck driving and managing a food production plant. ​​ For the recent 10 years Bill has been self employed in the housing industry. ​​​​ 


Bill spent​​ six years as a Precinct Delegate with the Republican Party, but switched his affiliation to the Constitution Party in 2005. ​​ For eight of the last ten years, he has Chaired the State Central Committee of the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan (Michigan’s affiliate of the Constitution Party), and the party has experienced solid and consistent growth under his leadership.


Campaign Statement


These are very uncertain times in our nation. ​​ 


The American people have been perplexed with very poor governance; unconstitutional law, regulation and actions by every level of government. ​​ They have found themselves powerless to get it corrected. ​​ Tea Parties have come and gone, leaving few fragmented groups around the country. ​​ Political action organizations abound, but don’t seem to be able to get the foothold needed to make the changes necessary.


The answer to good governance simply lies in the solely in the election of good candidates. ​​ It is not a team sport. ​​ I plead with my peers, the​​ American people, to leave the party politics in the past and vote for candidates that are worthy; candidates who understand the obligation they have to legislate within the confines of the Constitution. ​​ 


Don Blankenship and William Mohr fit that bill. ​​ We will take our oath of office very seriously and fully expect the American people to hold us accountable to it.

Navigating COVID -19 But Leaving Americans’ Liberties Intact

Navigating COVID -19 But Leaving Americans’ Liberties Intact

In the management of the current national crisis involving the Covid-19 virus, the actions of the Federal Government are unprecedented and violate the Constitution of the United States in many ways.

First and foremost though, our hearts and prayers go out to our fellow Americans who have lost loved ones and friends the past few months, either from the virus itself or in other ways related to the virus, including those suffering from depression or something similar and whose lives ended tragically too soon. The government’s cure is certainly proving to be more deadly than the disease.

Secondly, the Federal Reserve has been unconstitutional since its creation, thus the entire bailout is also unconstitutional. For 27 years, the Constitution Party has supported an audit and abolishment of the Federal Reserve.

The following unconstitutional actions serve to illustrate that the precedent has been set that the Federal Government can without limit, do anything it wants to do.

  • Trillions have been allocated to bailout failing corporations. Capitalism as an economic system has ended because for Capitalism to succeed, corporations must be allowed to fail.
  • The economy is in lockdown forcing many businesses to close, resulting in mass unemployment. Businesses both large and small are reduced to going before the Federal Government as beggars in hopes of being handed a way to keep the American workers employed.
  • American citizens are ordered to shelter at home and the order is enforced by armed police.
  • Houses of worship are ordered to close with some pastors arrested for violating the order.


The Federal Government has taken control of the free market so that now the Federal Government is the market. The Federal Government, with its trillions of new monetary input, is now approximately 50% of GDP so in effect, the Federal Government is the market.

In fairness to the Federal Government, this is an unprecedented and problematic time. Difficult choices must be faced. Save the economy by lifting the stay-at-home orders or save the weak and elderly by continuing the stay-at-home orders long term. A predicted 30% drop in American GDP this quarter represents a reduced lifestyle as well as the impoverishment of millions of people. It will also end their hopes, dreams and aspiration for the future. Mass unemployment is a public health concern since calamities such as depression, stress related disease and suicide always increase. On the other hand, to ignore the danger to the weak and elderly is not a part of the American DNA.

Should the Constitution Party follow suit with the other political parties and second guess the President of the United States as he tries to manage this national crisis? Perhaps the Swedes have something to offer us. They have elected to keep their economy going and enforce social distancing only on the most vulnerable. The young and healthy are working, interacting and thereby building herd immunity. Their system is designed to survive long term, not just for a couple of months. As a result, Swedish GDP is predicted to fall only 4% this quarter.

The United States has a Constitution for a reason, and if our elected officials abide by its restrictions,

  • Capitalism would succeed as weak corporations would be allowed to fail and be replaced with stronger corporations. The Free Market would return.
  • Mass unemployment would return to near full employment
  • The weak and elderly could protect themselves by staying separated from those who might carry a disease that would be harmful to them, much as they do during regular flu season.
  • Government would stay out of the business of the churches, synagogues and mosques.


An interesting thing about all this has been the return, however slight, of the concept of federalism which is the founders concept that sovereignty resided in the states, and the federal government had only the powers ceded to it by the states.

The governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem said, “The people themselves are primarily responsible for their safety.” She quoted both the state and federal Constitutions as restricting her ability to issue a stay at home order.  Governor Noem is opposed in her view by Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, who seems to have taken totalitarian rule to a new level. Michigan residents are forbidden to travel to their own property within the state. The people of Michigan cannot legally buy seeds or garden equipment, and neither can they buy a car seat for their child’s safety. None of those things are considered essential by the governor.

These examples show Federalism in action versus a one-size fits all approach from Washington DC. It is worth giving President Trump credit for his restraint against issuing a nationwide stay-at-home order because, in his words, “we have a U.S. Constitution” so State and Local governments can best determine what works in their communities.

And finally, the solution to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and any others coming our way in the future, is to FEAR NOT. Fear has always been the tool used most effectively by those who want to rule the entire world and it is fear of catching the virus that has caused most of our fellow Americans to willingly give up their lives and constitutionally protected liberties which were endowed to us by the Creator.

As a responsible political party, we must be willing to tell the Federal Government that there is a better way – the protection of individual rights and a strong economy through the United States Constitution.

Darrell Castle

For the Constitution Party


Integrity, Liberty, & Prosperity

Integrity, Liberty, & Prosperity

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