Darrell Castle gives his response to the first presidential debate held on 26 September 2016.   Darrell believes that the role of the President of the United States is to PRESERVE – PROTECT – and DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION.   None of the other candidates seem to have this goal in mind nor have they mentioned what this means and how they will accomplish this in their presidencies.

All the other candidates are marching to the beat of the same song- that of government or personal tyranny over the American people, to a greater or lesser degree. Is the Law of Liberty negotiable, as Trump says “everything is negotiable”? Is the Law of Liberty to be trampled upon, as Hillary has a history of doing? Johnson and Stein also both believe that the government should have greater control over the people in many areas than those prescribed by the Constitution. Only Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley understand the Law of Liberty, live the Law of Liberty, teach the Law of Liberty, and will govern by the Law of Liberty. No compromises, no negotiations, no looking the other way because it suits our personal priorities. If you want Liberty there is only one choice in this election – Castle/Bradley 2016.


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Get the Message Out!

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Support of Nullification by State Legislatures Resolution

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